11 May 2012

Saturday Caption #Satcap

A lot of bloggers are heading off to Cybher for the weekend so Satcap is linking up a little early this week.

Here is Little Miss Minxy and Spartan having a death hold wrestling match  cuddle, please leave a funny or witty caption below.

You can link up your own picture over at Mammasaurus or find more pics to comment on too.


  1. We are not going sheep herding and you can't make us!

  2. "It's me or the dog" took on a new meaning...

  3. stop pointing the camera at me or the dog gets it!!

  4. One girl and her dog ... all they needed now was for mum not to find out where they hid the sheep.

  5. Please please let me go! I promise I will share my toys with you! lol :) x


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