11 April 2014

Easter Chick Craft - GUEST POST

Easter is fast approaching and Emmy decided that today would be a crafting day. So throwing together a very quick and easy last minute craft we came up with this Easter chick emerging from it's egg.

What you will need:

White/Cream card or paper (any size will do - we used A4)
Yellow paper
Orange Paper
Any colour paper for the egg

Dark paper or googly eyes
Tissue paper (or stickers for decoration)

How to make:
  • Fold the paper you are using for the egg into 4 and draw a quarter egg shape/oval onto this.
  • Cut along the line and open out.  Fold in half length ways and cut a zig-zagged line across the width.  This will make two egg halves.
  • Next fold the yellow paper in half and cut along the fold. Cut an oval shape from one half and a circle from the other, also cut 2 petal shapes (these will be the wings).

Now it's just like a puzzle!

  • Position the oval towards the bottom of the white card (this is the chicks body), add the head and the wings, then position the egg over the bottom of the body and the top of the chicks head.
  • Now cut a rectangle of orange paper, fold it in half and cut into a triangle.  This is the chicks beak.
  • Add the eyes and then decorate the egg.

We have made this picture large however you could make on a smaller scale and turn into Easter cards for friends and family.

What fun activities have you got planned for Easter?

*This is a guest post from the lovely Clare at 'Emmy's Mummy and Harry's Too', you can visit her blog here: www.emmysmummy.com *


  1. A lovely idea! I am going to make some chicks with my kids too! Thanks!

  2. Thank you for having me today on your wonderful blog. Hoping your having a lovely holiday

  3. Made some chicks with my chicks yesterday! They look lovely are were so easy to make!


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