27 August 2014

Getting Ready For The New School Year - Guest Post

This summer has just flown by, and as the new school term grows near, it is time to think about getting ready for the new academic year. Top of the list for us is stationery and lunch box organisers, we have already got the uniform all ready so this is the last step to being totally organised.

Having two girls in the house seems to go hand in hand with a love of stationery, so this job is so simple to get organised and choose the right equipment. They love to spend time to select just the right essentials for their new year at school, and it is the most enjoyable part of getting ready for them.

It is an exciting time for kids to get their school bags packed and ready for the new school year, and it is important to establish good organisation skills at an early age. A check-list they can write themselves is a useful tip that has worked for me. They can write the list, take it with them to the shop and cross-off as they pop each item into the basket, it gives them a sense of responsibility and confidence to know they have all the relevant stationery chosen by them, ready for school.

It is much less of a chore to gather together all the stationery items, when it is fun, colourful and most importantly, chosen by your child. Participation in the whole process can help to alleviate any concerns or worries your child may have about starting their new school year. It can just be the perfect solution to nipping those fears in the bud.

Top Stationery Back To School Essentials
Coloured Pencils/Crayons 
Pencil Case 
Felt Tips 

Optional Extras
Pins for pin-boards 
Whiteboard markers 
Blue Tac 
Small note pads 
Post-it notes 
Highlighter pens 

Having Autism, Siobhan finds it really helpful to have something to fiddle with in class to help her to focus, so I will always add to her stationery shop with a couple of items that she can use to help her concentrate. Little things that she can pop into her pencil case, small enough that no one will think anything of, things I have used for this are lego men, some blue tac, a squishy artist's rubber, and this year I have found a great square puzzle rubber from The Range.

Once the stationery had been bought and packed away, all that was left for me to get ready was the lunch boxes and anything to make packed-lunch organising easier. Having two girls of different ages can be tricky with different portion sizes for their lunches, so I am always on the lookout for handy air-tight containers of all different sizes to put various fillings in. I also have to pack a healthy snack for my youngest daughter for gymnastics three days a week, so I have to be really organised. I found these great air tight containers with eye catching London Underground designs on them in Paperchase, I knew right away they would be the perfect addition to my girls packed lunch's.

Thank you for reading, I would love to know what your top essentials are for getting 'Back To School Ready'.

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*Guest Post*


  1. I love the little pins they are so cute, i really need to get organised xxxx

  2. Oh it is all so cute! I love the pins though <3 x

  3. I love stationery and have two boys that are getting the same way. One of them also adores anything to do with London!

  4. cute pins! I only have to get uniform for my daughter at the moment and im super disorganised

  5. I love the tube theme. We've just come back from a week there and had such a super time. The kiddies would love these!

  6. We get a list from the school stating exactly what we have to buy and bring to the school. Only thing you can choose is the cover for the notebooks and the backbag but not much else.

  7. I love stationery too but luckily I don't have to worry about school days yet :)

  8. I NEED the pins! I think it is a girl thing as I love stationery too x

  9. The stationary is amazing, love the Tube look!

  10. I love paperchase and those pins are so sweet...for me though!! :)

  11. I adore those storage boxes - want to decorate my boys room underground style


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