31 January 2015

Me and Mine - January

We don't generally get that many pictures of us all as a family which is a shame, although I do take plenty of photos; the 5,000 sat on my iPhone is proof of that! I'm quite self conscious and I much prefer to be the one stood behind the camera rather than in front of it, and I'm sure many of you prefer for your children to get the limelight too. The Mini Mes often huff and puff if I ask them to pose within close proximity of each other as tween siblings often do. They will say the other has germs or their favourite phrase at the moment which is 'You've got cooties'! And then there is the Mr, who is caught with some rather random expressions 99% of the time.

This year however I'm making a bit more effort to capture some moments of us all together, whether they are spur of the moment on my mobile (like these poor quality ones) or on my proper camera, which will hopefully be next time...

These do reflect the month quite well with us all wrapped up warm for the rain and snow.

A few things we have done this month:

We had a lovely trip to Hatton Adventure Farm
We walked around the local reservoir and played at the park
We went to Salcey Forest for the Gruffalo Trail
We went to Badby Wood

We have booked 3 holidays for later this year (Wales, Zante and Tunisia) and we have a review holiday confirmed too. The Mr is also going to the Isle of Man for the TT which I booked him as a surprise. We love to travel.
The Mr is back at work after breaking and dislocating his elbow in December and he has been signed off from physio
Minxy has completed a week of mock SATs
Jamster is really enthusiastic with his reading now we have discovered a range of books he loves
I've lost half a stone

What was January like for you?

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  1. Lovely family photographs Emma, sounds like you have a very busy year ahead. Looking forward to reading more of your blog posts this year #meandmine

  2. Lovely photos - My two won't smile at a camera anymore, I just get silly faces! So jealous of all your holidays too

  3. I'm really making an effort to try and get more family photos. Looking forward to reading about Tunisia - we enjoyed a holiday there pre-children and enjoyed it a lot.

  4. I have the opposite photo thing with my girls (14 & 17) your darnt leave a phone laying around they take 100's of selfies in one go!

  5. I am terrible at taking photos which include me, partly why I love this linky as it forces me out from behind my phone! These are lovely, and it sounds like you've had a great month. Hope Feb is just as good :) #meandmine

  6. Gorgeous little family captures here. Sounds like you will have some great holidays to share on your blog coming up soon. Can't beat family selfies. #meandmine

  7. Aww these are lovely. I like that the dog snuck in too!!! And how lovely to have all those holidays to look forward to this year. Thanks so much for linking up with Me and Mine. x


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