26 July 2016

Chocolate Chip & Rolo Blondies {Creative Summer 4}

If you're looking for a chewy and gooey treat that is incredibly simple to make then your search stops here. These slices ooze with chocolate and caramel when cut and they are bound to satisfy any sweet tooth. They are great served warm with ice cream, wrapped in ribbon as a gift or devoured at home by the family as a delicious dessert.

Rolo Blondies stack a delicious recipe

110g butter
1 egg
200g brown sugar
165g plain flour
80g chocolate chips (we used chocolate buttons)
18 rolos 

  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and line a 10" by 12" baking tray with foil. Also grease the foil with a little oil to prevent the blondies from sticking later on
  • Melt the butter in a pan over a low heat and set to one side to cool
  • In a bowl, combine the egg and sugar together with the cooled butter
  • Mix in the flour and once combined, stir through the chocolate chips

Cadbury chocolate buttons chopped

  • Place half of the mixture into the baking tray, ensuring it is level
  • Spread the Rolos evenly on top and then use the remaining mixture to fill in the gaps and cover the Rolos

Rolo chocolates delicious blondies recipe

  • Bake for approx 25 minutes until the top is firm
  • Let the blondies cool completely before slicing in 8 large or 16 small pieces
  • Scoff

Delicious Rolo Blondies recipe

-  Drizzle caramel or chocolate over the top
- Use the same recipe with different treats inside for a variety of flavour combinations

Pinable Rolo Blondies Recipe image

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  1. These look incredible!! I'm trying to eat healthier at the moment, but these could break me :)

    Helen x

    1. I'm always on a diet these days ha! I eat far too much of these and everything else x

  2. Mouthwatering, I am definitely going to make these during the school hols. Thanks for this great recipe for Rolo Blondies.

  3. wow - those sound amazing!! Why haven't I baked with rolos before?! Great idea!

  4. These sound and look absolutely delicious! I am doing lots of baking with my older girls during the holidays and these are next on the list!

  5. Hi Emma, those blondies look too much (in a good way)! I may just be able to find some Rolos as it's still tourist season, if now I will be trying this recipe with other sweet treats! And I can't wait!



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