10 February 2012

Fake Bake Review

Fake Bake Fair
£22.50 - John Lewis
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The miserable English weather at the moment can be quite depressing for many and I often find myself dreaming of white sandy beaches, the sea and sunshine. I can't currently jet away though for a natural tan so faking it is the next best thing!

I had never tried a self-tan product until now as I was always a little scared I'd wake up and look like a satsuma the following day - eek. The most I had attempted was tinted moisturiser which can be a bit annoying when you have to reapply it daily to keep the colour. Fake Bake is so easy to use that I feel converted and I shall probably use this quite regularly for a sun kissed glow during the winter and spring months.

The lotion is thick and very easy to apply. It doesn't drip as I had expected, it goes on just like a body cream and doesn't look or feel greasy at all. It could quite easily become part of your daily routine as its completely hassle free. It's absorbed quickly and I didn't have to stand about naked for ages or blow dry myself while it dried thankfully! It didn't even stain my bedding or clothes. Fake Bake arrives boxed and complete with a good quality pair of gloves to prevent messy hands during application. Your advised to exfoliate beforehand to remove any dry skin and I ensured my elbows, knees and ankles were well moisturised to prevent them from looking patchy.

Application is simple you just need to use a small amount and rub it on to your skin in circular movements. There is a seperate product with extra moisturisers for your face but I just used a tiny amount of this instead and it worked really well. It's not a time consuming task and after a few minutes it was complete. I asked my partner to do my back as it's a bit hard to reach but if you don't have anyone to assist you can use cling film, apparently!

I put my dressing gown on and noticed the product was already working. I went to bed shortly afterwards, the packaging advises you to use the lotion just before rest to help with absorption. When I woke up I was pleasantly surprised. I was left with a streak free, light tan and it really helped to boost my body confidence. It gave me a healthy looking, natural glow. I had a shower and the scent was gone but the lovely colour remained.

I'm not ready for anything darker at he moment but if you want a more visible tan you can apply the product daily until you reach the colour you require and then just top it up once each week. Alternatively there are other products in the Fake Bake range that will provide more noticeable results first time.


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