09 March 2012

The adventures of Grandma - John Crane Wooden Doll

Meet Grandma. Our lovely new wooden doll kindly provided by John Crane.

She is now a special toy within the household and she will be joining us on regular trips and holidays! We will be sharing photos of her and her whereabouts... Shes already been in a submarine, aeroplane and on a jeep safari during this week! Where will she go next?

John Crane has a wonderful selection of toys for children and Grandma is part of the Tidlo range. She has poseable arms and legs made from rope and the rest of her is made from wood which is very durable - she should last a very long time indeed, regardless of where she is taken or what she gets up to! She is great for your little princesses (or princes) dolls house and will help to encourage imaginative and role play. Shes around 11.5cm in height and wears a funky floral top, skirt and leggings - stylish Gran!

You can grab yourself one today, or the other members of the doll family from selected retailers. To find your nearest you can enter your postcode here or you can buy online.

If you have any ideas for good days out, or random suggestions on where you would like to see Grandma feel free to comment!


  1. its a shame she is not a wee bit more flexible, but your certainly looks like she will be glad she came to stay with you

    1. Thanks :) Shes kept in the side pocket of my handbag alot of the time so the kids can pop her out as and when they want to play x

  2. This is cute, I can't believe they have a Grandma toy! Thanks for coming to visit my blog, looking forward to having more of a read of yours too. x

  3. Thanks Katie :) Yea she's actually quite adorable x

  4. Love the adventures of your granny! Keep them coming!
    Thank you for visiting my blog!


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