05 April 2012

10 Things That I Like

How well do you really know the people you follow and the ones that follow you? Well here is your opportunity to find out a little more about them (and me!) and to see how much you have in common.

I thought it would be nice to come up with 10 little things you enjoy or particularly like at the moment. It's something positive to think about when you have a few minutes, a good thing when there seems to be alot of snow and miserable weather forecast over Easter.

Chicken Tikka Masala.
My all time favourite cuisine is Indian and Tikka Masala is so rich in flavour - yet not too hot (I can't do spicy). I could eat this daily if my waistline allowed.

Flat shoes
Being 6ft tall is hard for a woman (yes I'm rather tall) but then being expected to wear heels is just ridiculous, I feel like King Kong minus the fur! Flat shoes can be pretty and are so comfortable for every day wear.

It's hard fun being a mum as it is but being a working, student and volunteering parent can really take it's toll at times. I love a soak in the bath, possibly a glass of wine in hand and some proper relaxation. I can't always fit in spa days, or afford them, but this is good enough in the meantime to save my sanity. The LUSH Sweetie Pie shower jelly smells heavenly.

My phone
Not only does it help me keep connected but my Samsung Galaxy S2 is always handy when I think of something and need to note it down, when I need a calculator or when I need a way to entertain the kids for a few mins when out with it's endless game apps. It rocks!

This had to be on here somewhere! I love to snuggle up on the sofa with a movie and something naughty to nibble.

I've never been one to have a daily routine morning and night but I have recently started before the lines and wrinkles set in eek! I've really noticed a difference in the condiion of my skin too. I've been using Clarins toner, cleanser and moisturiser and also their gentle exfoliating cleanser. My skin appears brighter and softer.

Unfortunately I don't own one as yet, although I would love to, but the app on my phone means I have a miniature version! It's great that without carrying loads of books in my bag I can still have a variety to read on my phone. I think I shall add it to my birthday wishlist!

To many peoples surprise I don't like tea or coffee but I do enjoy soft drinks, probably a little too much really. Vimto is my favourite and I'm glad the work vending machine stocks it so I can get my fix.

Lynx Attract
This limited edition Lynx for her is lovely, I'm not sure why Lynx didn't release a version for women years ago but I hope it sticks around for a while atleast. It's quite a light, fresh and feminine scent - I love it.

I've always been quite competitive and I like the odd trip to the pub when child free so this is pretty much the perfect sport for me! My dad introduced me to it a few years ago, he, my sister, mum and brother all now play for teams and I tend to join in at the weekend. It's not as boring as I expected, it's actually quite fun with the various games you can play.

If you would like to share a bit about you can add your link below.

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  1. 10 things I like, great idea! Photography, danish pastries (they're the new cupcakes you know!), my kindle I have one but like you also have the app on my laptop and mobile phone, Draw Something (mobile phone app, hours of fun!), chick-lit, my dog - Harry is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Twitter (recently sussed it out - only took a year!), home-made curries - good therapy, Come Dine With Me and David Walliams :) Good luck with your blog


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