23 April 2012

Meal Planning Monday

If I do the food shop instore with the Mini Mes in tow I generally end up spending far more than I intend to and coming back with vast quantities of lego, toys, books and sweets that the kids have popped in the trolley when I'm not looking! Therefore I do my food shop online and have it delivered, but I don't really meal plan in advance, I add to my basket a few bits and bobs and then on the day search the fridge and decide then what's for dinner.

I've decided I do need to start meal planning instead and getting involved with Meal Planning Monday each week should help me to keep on track and hopefully save me time and money by being organised. So here goes!

  • Monday - Fish, new potatoes and veg
  • Tuesday - Chicken and chorizo stew (slow cooker)
  • Wednesday - Salmon and gnocchi bake
  • Thursday - Lasagne
  • Friday - Pizza, wedges and veg
  • Saturday and Sunday we are often out and about visiting family or on day trips so I'll buy fresh on the day instead but Sunday is usually roast of some description.
The Mr loves fish so that had to be on the agenda atleast once and we have Jamsters friend round Friday and his fav is pizza so we decided that would be perfect for then.

The chicken and chorizo stew recipe I got from Mummysknee's and her link up for Slow Cooker Sunday which I've started to join in with too over at Mediocre Mum. Chorizo is always a hit, we love it, and I'm trying to use the slow cooker a bit more aswell.

If you want to see some more meal plans you can use the hash tag #MealPlanningMonday on Twitter or pop over to At Home With Mrs M for the link up.


  1. Ooooh, Slow Cooker Sunday sounds interesting, will have to check it out! Loving the sound of your meal plan, especially that salmon and gnocchi bake...


    1. Salmon and gnocchi is mine and the Mr's fav, Ive got the recipe on my 'to do' list so it will be on here soon :) x


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