26 April 2012

Project 366, 117/366 - What was I thinking

I'm quite a Marvel movie fan and with the release of The Avengers I had noticed the Disney Store had filled up with the latest character products. I'd purchased my eldest Mini Me some clothes on my shopping trip but I hadn't got the Lil Mini Me anything so I decided to purchase one of these bad boys; a Hawkeye bow and arrow. It was only when I got home I feared for my safety and that of everyone else's! To be fair, there hasn't been any breakages as yet or eye injuries!

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  1. There's a window waiting to be broken somewhere I think, but at least then you'll have another follow up pic haha

  2. oh dear...like you say...what were you thinking! haha

  3. daft things parents do....it may just have to get "lost" shortly


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