08 April 2012

Project 366, 99/366 - Gifts galore

My not so little princess turned 8 today! These are her presents all set out in her room ready for when she woke up (as she requested!). It was double celebrations with it being Easter too, I think she enjoyed her chocolate filled birthday.

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  1. Ooh lovely, stacks of girly-wrapped presents! Happy Birthday and Happy Easter!

  2. What a great day to have a birthday! Looks very pink!!

  3. Fantastic collection of pressies to open! My eldest is turning 10 soon, it's amazing how quickly that has happened.
    Lovely blog, and header is great too!

  4. Quite a haul. Hope she had a good day.

  5. Phew, I thought they were all Easter presents for a moment! Hope she had a lovely day!


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