02 May 2012

Meal Planning Monday... err Wednesday!

Monday was my birthday so I'm officially excused for being a little late on this one, oops! I've also only just done the food shopping so I hadn't even decided what was on the menu until late last night.

Last week was my first attempt at meal planning and I must admit it was rather successful! We stuck to the plan and I didn't spend so much time, or money, in Tesco topping up on bits that I had forgotten and needed for the evenings dinner. I was organised and meal times were therefore a lot less stressful for me without dashing about.

The meals for this week are:

  • Monday: We had takeaway pizza for my birthday
  • Tuesday: We had pork and tomato pasta bake (eating the last few bits up before the food shop!)
  • Wednesday: Lasagne
  • Thursday: Hunter's Chicken (Chicken in bacon with cheese and BBQ sauce)
  • Friday: Enchiladas
  • Saturday: Fish Pie
  • Sunday: Sausage Casserole (Slow cooker)
Quite a nice mixture of different meats and fish in this one. Each will be served with a selection of veg too to ensure we get our 5 a day and this weeks meals were chosen by asking the kids what they wanted - hopefully it will be clear plates all round then!

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  1. Sounds delicious. Happy birthday for Monday - hope you enjoyed your pizza!


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