07 May 2012

Meal Planning Monday

It's Monday already (did somebody press fast forward?) so it's time to see what's on this weeks menu!

Last week we stuck to the planner well but we did have some meals on alternative days to what I had arranged due to the kids going to their dad's on different evenings to usual. Still, no waste or mad dashes to the shop to get extras so it's all good!

This week:

  • Monday: Fajitas (chicken, cheese, peppers, onions, salsa, lettace, mayo etc)
  • Tuesday: Fish cakes, new potatoes and veg
  • Wednesday: Meatballs and pasta with garlic ciabatta
  • Thursday: Pizza and salad (the kids friends are over to play so something everyone loves)
  • Friday: Sausage Casserole (slow cooked)
  • Saturday: My sister's 21st Birthday meal at an Italian
  • Sunday: Roast gammon and trimmings
I'm going to be doing a lot more slow cooker recipes next week before it starts to gather dust so if you have any good ones you can recommend feel free to post links below for me to take a peak at.

I'm also doing a vegetarian planner for 21st-27th May so any recipes for that would be useful too in advance.

If you want to see what others have planned this week you can head over to At Home With Mrs B or you can link up your own Meal Planner there.

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  1. Hi there, its my first week doing the Meal Planning Monday. Do you follow Mediocre Mum, she does a link up for slowcooker recipes. I think there are lots of vegetarian one too.

    1. Yes I do, I did yummy slow cooked chilli last time but missed out this weekend as my post didn't show properly. Doh!x

  2. My first time too Gidders1 :-) I love slow cooked recipes but never seem to venture past a casserole!!! I did a week of veggie last year which was really good and tried new things. May have to do it again this year :-)

    1. I'm doing it for National Vegetarian week, join in too :) z

  3. Dammit, I meant to put fajitas on my planner this week! Ah well hey?

    Nice looking meal planner, enjoy the Italian meal out.

    1. Fajitas are great as the kids can lob in what they like and like to make and fold their own :)


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