01 May 2012

Project 366, 122/366 - Guess who!

Jamster is currently obsessed with a certain movie and has to take the toys to bed with him daily! Can you guess which two characters he has drawn below?

TheBoyandMe's 366 Linky


  1. They look like they are from bugs life! could be totally wrong x

  2. Looks like Yoda and Jabba the Hut to me, but probably completely wrong. Used to be a real problem when teaching primary school -

    Child: "Look what I drew, miss!"

    Me: "Oh what a lovely cat!"

    Child, forlornly: "It's a fire engine!!"

    Oh dear, hopeless adults!

    Nice drawing anyway :o)

  3. The left one is Yoda and although I also thought the right side was Jabba the Hut it's apparently Darth Vader in a cloak! He loves Yoda at the moment, asked for a walking stick for his birthday to be like him - eek x

  4. I wondered if it was Shrek! Definitely Yoda now I look at it.

    Thanks for linking up

  5. No idea! (Should watch more children's movies!) Is one a gremlin?
    Maya Russell

  6. one of them looks like batfink


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