07 August 2012

Olly the Little White Van

Olly the Little White Van is a preschoolers TV show aired on CITV. The 5 minute episodes aim to teach children the importance of helping others and trying your best as Olly supports and assists his friends with various tasks and challenges. The talking vehicle based cartoon has thought provoking themes which involve detective work and clue solving and each episode tells a story which encourages community and team work. Olly, like real white vans, is always being useful and running errands for others despite being a little cheeky at times.

The third series which we received to review includes 12 episodes set in Olly's home town of Bumpton. Each mini adventure is written with simple yet humourous language to help keep little ones entertained. Apart from Olly, voiced by Justin Fletcher aka Mr Tumble, you meet a variety of other characters, both people and talking vehicles, each with their own individual personality.

With a catchy theme tune and friendly 3D characters the Mini Mes found the show captivating and amusing. Some episodes promote healthy eating, good behaviour and personal hygiene making it a great educational yet fun program! They enjoyed the activities on the website too which include colouring and puzzles.

You can watch the show on weekdays at 9.45am and 1pm on CITV.

For more information on Olly the Little White Van and for fun and games head over to http://www.ollythelittlewhitevan.co.uk/

You can also download the Olly the Little White Van app for iPhones and iPads and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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