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The Mini Mes and Me blog focuses on magical moments, delicious bakes, fun makes and travel experiences of a single parent family (1 adult, 1 teen and a toddler), based in Northamptonshire.

Me (Emma)

After completing an NVQ and apprenticeship in business and working at a solicitors for several years, I left to raise a family as a stay at home mum, while squeezing in a Psychology degree for good measure. I returned to work at a PR company but I always longed to be self employed, with flexible hours to suit my lifestyle - never would I have guessed this would be via blogging and content creation!

The Mini Mes

Calum aka Tiny Dude is 2 and the youngest member of the family. He loves being outside playing in water or collecting sticks, come rain or shine. His favourite toys include vehicles and figures (especially animals).

Chloe aka Moomin is a little sassy but at the same time she is one of the most thoughtful people I know - she is always happy to help with cooking and taking care of the gardening. She is very creative and spends a lot of time making things… including mess.

James aka Jambo is very laid back although a little cheeky and a bit of a joker - he likes to play practical jokes on people more frequently than he should. He can usually be found gaming, watching YouTube or TikTok videos and raiding the fridge. He likes to avoid showers and homework!

Luna is our cat.


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