The Mini Mes and Me is a lifestyle blog which focuses on our magical moments, delicious bakes, fun makes and travel experiences as a family of four. It all began in February 2012 when I was working for a PR company as Editor's Assistant and I decided to set up an online page where I could share details on our day to day lives. It has now become rather successful to the extent it is my full time career, along with freelance work and social media management, which I'm truly passionate about.

I feel very lucky (and still a little shocked) to have a job which I enjoy so much and I'm thankful for the opportunities it has provided us with.

Me (Emma)
After completing an NVQ and apprenticeship in business and working at a solicitors for several years, I left to raise a family as a stay at home mum, while squeezing in a Psychology degree for good measure. When the children were both at school full time I returned to work but I always longed to be self employed with flexible hours to suit my life - never would I have guessed this would be via blogging!

I'm on a mission to get fit and lose weight this year despite having an incredibly sweet tooth and a bit of an obsession with cake. Although I like a cosy night in with a few movies or a good novel, during the weekends and holidays I love to do nothing more than explore the UK, beautiful foreign cities and sandy shores with the Mini Mes.

The Mini Mes
Since turning 14, Moomin has discovered music, fashion and beauty (thankfully not boys). She has quite an attitude as a teen but at the same time she is one of the most thoughtful people I know - she is always happy to help with cooking, cleaning and taking care of the pets.
She is very creative and spends a lot of time making things including soaps, perfume and huge buildings on Minecraft.

Jambo is 12 and very laid back the majority of the time. On the other hand he is also a little cheeky and a bit of a joker - he likes to dress up in costumes and play practical jokes on people more frequently than he should.
His hobbies include reading Tom Gates stories, gaming, raiding the fridge and jumping onto/off the sofa while pretending to be a ninja. He is a wild one but loves hugs, kisses and Disney too.


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