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The Mini Mes and Me blog focuses on our magical moments, delicious bakes, fun makes and travel experiences as a family of 4 based in Northamptonshire.

Me (Emma)
After completing an NVQ and apprenticeship in business and working at a solicitors for several years, I left to raise a family as a stay at home mum, while squeezing in a Psychology degree for good measure. When the children were both at school I returned to work but I always longed to be self employed with flexible hours to suit my lifestyle - never would I have guessed this would be via blogging!
Although I like a cosy night in with a few movies or a good book during the weekends and holidays I love to do nothing more than explore the UK, beautiful cities and sandy shores.

The Husband
We met through a shared hobby around 10 years ago (darts, surprisingly). We married in December 2019 after he proposed at the Trevi Fountain in Rome and we will be living together when his time in the army finally comes to an end in the summer. He is an amazing listener, extremely caring and when he isn’t around it really feels like a piece of me is missing. We both have an interest in fishing, gaming, escape rooms, and Warhammer - you could say that we are a geeky pair.

The Mini Mes
Moomin is a little sassy as a teen but at the same time she is one of the most thoughtful people I know - she is always happy to help with cooking and taking care of the pets (Spartan, Luna and Cosmo). She is very creative and spends a lot of time making things. Including mess.

Jambo is very laid back although a little cheeky and a bit of a joker - he likes to play practical jokes on people more frequently than he should. He can usually be found gaming, watching YouTube videos or raiding the fridge. He likes to avoid showers and homework!


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