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26 July 2020

Top 5 Little-Known Destinations

We all know some of the best destinations are off the beaten path, and the journey there is often more entertaining as well. Sometimes the best things are the ones we’ve been able to keep secret - the destinations that are not crowded with tourists and show an authentic, untouched piece of history or culture. Here are a few of the best destinations around the world that you may not hear a lot about, but hold so much beauty that they need to be on your travel bucket list.

Psychedelic Salt Mines in Yekaterinburg, Russia

There are some wonders of the world that are just too beautiful to believe they occurred naturally. That’s the case for the gorgeous patterns of the Psychedelic Salt Mines. This abandoned area is only available to the public by a special Russian government permit, which may be why this destination is little-traveled. If you’re unable to score a pass to see this stunning piece of nature, there’s still so much to do in Yekaterinburg. Stop by the Beatles Monument to get a taste of the impact this band had on the culture of Russia, or check out one of the most interesting art installations you’ll ever see at the Keyboard Monument. This concrete recreation of a computer keyboard is a piece of work you’ll never forget.

23 July 2020

WIN a Collection of Children's Books

With the 6 week summer holiday now upon us, keeping the kids entertained may sometimes be a challenge. It's a wise idea to stock up on a few toys and games or plan some trips out but adding some paperbacks to the bookshelf may also help! 

These new releases from Macmillan Children's Books and Two Hoots are great for little ones aged 3 or above - and you have the chance to win them all below...


09 July 2020

Raspberry Crumble Slices

If you haven't been out to fill your baskets with berries yet this summer, now is the perfect time to do so - you can make your own jam! Although you can of course use shop bought if you prefer so that you can dive straight in to make this delicious recipe. Our preference of filling has to be raspberry for a beautiful burst of deep red but feel free to use whatever you have to hand or prefer. Blueberries and strawberries are great alternatives and they too create a sweet and sticky centre to contrast nicely with the the crisp yet flaky exterior of these slices.

We like to pop a batch into some plastic pots to take on day trips or when visiting friends as a tasty afternoon treat. The Mini Mes enjoy making these themselves, they are great for tweens to bake, and they get great satisfaction from layering the ingredients nicely before popping them into the oven to turn golden.

Raspberry Crumble Slices


31 March 2020

The Benefits Of Renting As A Family

Whilst getting a mortgage and becoming a homeowner is a goal for many families, and often seen as a good investment, depending upon your financial situation and where you plan on going with your life opting to rent may actually be wiser.

I've collated 5 reasons why renting is actually an acceptable lifestyle choice rather than a last resort...

The benefits of renting as a family

Less expense upfront
If you're not good at saving money or you simply don't have the available funds to save, renting is a great option. There are of course a few upfront fees involved but these are nowhere near as steep as the requirement of a mortgage deposit, surveyors and stamp duty. There's usually just a months payment in advance and a small charge for credit checks so you don't need thousands in the bank! The rental process is also a lot faster allowing you to move house within just a few days or weeks at most. If the property is furnished you also won't need to worry about the price of appliances or transport hire to move lots of belongings either.


30 March 2020

Car Cleaning and Tyre Tips

Today the majority of us are well aware of the new COVID -19 virus, and to keep ourselves protected we know we have to wash our hands frequently and ensure the things around us are disinfected as much as we can.

There are also other things we need to keep a note of; we know that after the lockdown is lifted there is a high probability that roads will get busy due to an increase in spending. To face such a situation, we should keep our car prepared by doing the following necessary checks...

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