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07 February 2020

10 Family Friendly Things To Do In Northamptonshire This Half Term

It feels like just yesterday the Mini Mes were returning to school after Christmas but now that February has arrived the countdown to half term has officially begun. We are looking to stay local for this one and explore a bit more of Northamptonshire (as I mentioned wanting to do in our bucket list) so I've compiled a little list of ideas to keep the kids occupied - and what's even better is they are all free or low cost!

West Lodge Farm Park situated in Desborough has it's Lambing Festival between 15th and 23rd February. There are opportunities to bottle feed lambs several times a day and with over 100 ewes expecting to give birth it's possible you may even witness one being born! They also have piglet racing, animal handling and plenty of play equipment to enjoy. Tickets start at just £5.75 with carers and under 2's going free - great value for a day out!

If you're planning on a little retail therapy at Rushden Lakes you may wish to pop along to Nene Wetlands, only a minutes drive away, for their Winter Wonders Trail! For just £2 you can pick up a sheet for the family, have a stroll in the fresh air and collect your prize at the end if you spot everything listed. There are also bird feeder, bird box, twigs and willow weaving plus forest school events at the same location if you will be in the area frequently over the week.

06 February 2020

WIN a Valentine's Surprise!

With Valentine's Day not far away many people will be picking up purchases for their partners, arranging flower deliveries or booking a table for a romantic evening out. If you would like to get your mitts on a surprise box of goodies, which you may wish to share with a loved one (or just keep to yourself), then you can enter the giveaway below...

WIN a Valentine's Surprise


03 February 2020

What to See and Do Beyond the Casinos in Las Vegas

The numerous huge and brightly lit casino complexes have inevitably made Las Vegas an international mecca for gambling entertainment, and while they remain one of the key attractions for visitors to the fabled Sin City; there’s plenty more to see and do.

Indeed, it’s fair to say that one trip might not provide enough time to see everything. This is a sprawling place with countless natural wonders, some of which are famous and others that are almost like secrets waiting to be discovered. The culture and history of this location are also waiting to fill our senses with sights and sounds, while sports fans can join the locals at magnificent venues to cheer on major sporting teams.

31 January 2020

Quick and Easy Tips for Taking Care of your Tyres in Winter

As the winters in Scotland are really long, taking care of your tyres is a must especially when you’re taking your car out too frequently. Local areas like Stirling have busy traffic and being stuck on the road with a flat tyre won't be a pleasant experience. So with the weather being all chilly and snowy, we all need to know a few quick tips to keep our tyres in a good condition these winters! Here’s a few you can easily follow:

Make sure your tyres are clean

This seems like a simple one but cleaning your tyres in winters can be very hard yet very important. Cleaning your tyres after every few weeks will reduce the chances of tyre damage and corrosion as cleaning will remove all the dirt, salt and snow. Not to forget, you will be easily able to locate any punctures or other damages on your tyres when they’re clean!

23 January 2020

What Should You Do with Your Pet When Travelling?

Travelling as a pet owner can sometimes be complicated. It is rarely feasible to take your pet travelling with you, which means that you will need to make appropriate arrangements to ensure it is being looked after whilst you are away. If you have never had to make these arrangements before, the sheer range of options open to you can often be overwhelming.

What Should You Do with Your Pet When Travelling

Find a Trusted Sitter

Having someone look after your pet while you are away can be an expensive undertaking. If there is someone you know and trust to look after your pet while you're not there, it is worth asking them if they would consider it. Choosing someone that you know and trust over a professional sitter can have a number of advantages.

The big advantage of a professional pet sitter is that they come with experience and knowledge that other people might not necessarily possess. However, if you know someone personally who has extensive experience in taking care of pets and is knowledgeable about looking after the type of pets that you have, then you should leap at the opportunity to have them sit your pets for you. Using someone that you know will usually be much cheaper than hiring a sitter, as you can easily afford to pay them and still be way ahead in terms of expenses.

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