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31 March 2020

The Benefits Of Renting As A Family

Whilst getting a mortgage and becoming a homeowner is a goal for many families, and often seen as a good investment, depending upon your financial situation and where you plan on going with your life opting to rent may actually be wiser.

I've collated 5 reasons why renting is actually an acceptable lifestyle choice rather than a last resort...

The benefits of renting as a family

Less expense upfront
If you're not good at saving money or you simply don't have the available funds to save, renting is a great option. There are of course a few upfront fees involved but these are nowhere near as steep as the requirement of a mortgage deposit, surveyors and stamp duty. There's usually just a months payment in advance and a small charge for credit checks so you don't need thousands in the bank! The rental process is also a lot faster allowing you to move house within just a few days or weeks at most. If the property is furnished you also won't need to worry about the price of appliances or transport hire to move lots of belongings either.


30 March 2020

Car Cleaning and Tyre Tips

Today the majority of us are well aware of the new COVID -19 virus, and to keep ourselves protected we know we have to wash our hands frequently and ensure the things around us are disinfected as much as we can.

There are also other things we need to keep a note of; we know that after the lockdown is lifted there is a high probability that roads will get busy due to an increase in spending. To face such a situation, we should keep our car prepared by doing the following necessary checks...


19 March 2020

Family Trampolining Fun at Gravity Northampton

If you're looking for a full body workout whilst having lots of fun with the family, trampolining is a great activity to try. We headed to the newly opened Gravity situated on the second floor inside Sol Northampton last week and we had a thoroughly enjoyable time, despite being quite exhausted by the end!

Upon arrival you make your way to the desk to check in, pick up your orange socks which are essential for grip, put on your coloured wristbands for your time slot and ensure you've signed the waiver. If you've used the car park below for your visit you can also write your registration into the touch screen pad to receive 2 hours free parking - something which we really appreciated. There are also hand sanitisers on the walls for added peace of mind.


18 March 2020

Encouraging Kids to Wash Their Hands - 5 Top Tips

We all know how important it is to wash our hands but little ones can often forget to or deliberately avoid doing so. Whether it's because they are too keen to return to playing with their friends, they're desperate to tuck into their snack or even due to the fact that they have difficulty reaching the taps, it's up to the bigger bunch to ensure that they keep their digits dirt free.

Hopefully these 5 tips will help to encourage your kids to keep their hands clean.

Encouraging kids to wash their hands 5 top tips

The soap itself
If children are involved with selecting the product themselves, or if you intentionally pick one with a scent or character on that they will really like, they will naturally be more inclined to use it. Opt for something bright, an interesting shape or with a toy inside if necessary. It's all about building good habits and making hand washing more appealing.


16 February 2020

Updating Your Home On A Budget

From time to time I like a little change. It might be a splash of fresh paint on the walls, some new furniture or just rearranging what already exists within a room for an alternative layout. It's a great way to make your home feel a bit different without needing to spend a small fortune.

If you're looking to do similar this summer these tips may be just what you're looking for...

  • If your walls are fairly bare and neutral in colour you can make a feature wall as a focal point with some patterned paper or by adding a beautiful mural. These methods save time as you don't need to decorate an entire space and it therefore saves your pennies too. Some websites even allow you to transfer your favourite photos onto paper to pop up so you can really personalise it - which is ideal for children's bedrooms in particular.
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