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03 April 2021

Chocolate Bunny Rocky Road - Easter Bakes

Rocky Road is one of those treats that we make time and time again as it's fairly foolproof, quick to create and serves quite a few hungry tums. With Easter on the horizon I decided to create a batch that was a little more seasonal - the bunnies, pastel coloured sprinkles and white chocolate on top certainly helped to provide a springtime look...


02 April 2021

Chocolate and Marshmallow Mini Egg Fudge - Easter Bakes

If Easter isn't a good enough excuse to indulge with tasty chocolate treats and enjoy some time in the kitchen, I really don't know when is! These delicious chunks are so easy to make and could be a nice gift solution as an alternative to a more traditional egg (that's if you want to share).


04 March 2021

WIN a Wing Pendant Necklace from Jana Reinhardt

Wings carry a number of associations, so whether you're seeking jewellery to depict heaven, freedom, travel, dreams, or even wisdom, this pendant necklace from Jana Reinhardt is the perfect piece to add to your collection.

The Jana Reinhardt designs are inspired by the natural world and the naive art movement. They don't use machine manufacture, preferring the old techniques of wax carving and fabrication to create their products - making Jana Reinhardt a more sustainable choice for jewellery lovers.

25 February 2021

3 Things Young Families Should Consider Before Moving House

Moving house or buying your first house is never particularly easy regardless of your age or experience. For young families, it’s certainly a big ask, transferring your entire life and all your belongings across - not to mention the cost of doing so can be increasingly high, especially in light of unforeseen circumstances.

In simple terms, the average house move in the UK tends to land on an estimate of around £8,800, right up to £12,000 - although, this figure does vary significantly depending on where you previously lived or where you’re looking to live in the future. Certain things are difficult to circumvent; stamp duty for example. However, there are absolutely things you can do to drive down the cost of moving as a younger family who might be doing so for the first time. 

A small house with keys


08 February 2021

How to Enjoy the Perfect Valentine's Night at Home

For lots of us, February 14th is a night that is approached with as much trepidation as excitement. After all, it's when everything is supposed to be perfect but can all too easily go wrong. For example, restaurants both hike up their prices and get booked up super early so you can easily end up paying a fortune somewhere that's a long way from being your first choice of restaurant.

But no problem. Because with a little imagination you can still have a romantic evening at home and enjoy restaurant-quality food, almost without having to lift a finger. Read on and I’ll also come up with a suggestion to add more than a little glamour and excitement to the evening as well.

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