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05 October 2020

Caring for Wildlife in Autumn and Winter

As the summer fades away and autumn returns, it's a nice idea to think about how the wildlife in your gardens will cope. Food can become scarce as the weather cools so by taking just a few minutes to care for the birds and other creatures it will not only help them to survive but it can be a great way for little ones to learn about caring for animals too! 

You can make fatballs of your own as a source of food or purchase bird feeders for just a few pounds. Try to ensure that they are in a location where birds can access them with ease, without the risk of attack from cats and don't place them too close to windows. Keep them topped up all season and clean or replace them when necessary as a damaged feeder can cause injury. 

18 September 2020

7 Tips for Beautiful Hair this Autumn

At this time of year, which sees the return of the cooler weather, our beautiful tresses can often suffer becoming dry, brittle and losing shine, but keeping your hair in great condition need not be as difficult as you think. 

These 7 simple tips should certainly help to keep your locks looking luscious until the arrival of spring - there is minimal effort involved too...

If you're entering the season with hair that is already damaged from the summer sun and chlorine filled pools (if you were lucky enough to get away) you may want to work on repairing it before the cold wind and rain worsens it. Look at purchasing some hot oil treatments or masks to deeply moisturise your hair. These can usually be used once or twice a week and they can really improve the condition.


16 September 2020

Pick Your Own Pumpkins - 7 Places To Visit In Northamptonshire

Whether you're hoping to cook or carve them, pumpkin picking is a fun family experience for autumn. It may only be the start of September but with limited places available, due to social distancing, now is the ideal time to book your tickets and start the countdown to Halloween.

Here are a selection of the best spots in Northamptonshire to collect your giant orange veg this October...

Overstone Grange Farm have 9 different varieties of pumpkins and squash spread across 5 acres of land for 2020. There is no fee for parking or entry which means you can take advantage of the refreshments available there instead! They have seating, games and even allocated sessions for SEN customers or those requiring a quieter visit - they've really thought of everything. Just don't forget your wellies as it may get a little muddy!

18 August 2020

Chocolate Chip & Rolo Blondies

If you're looking for a chewy and gooey treat that is incredibly simple to make then your search stops here. These slices ooze with chocolate and caramel when cut and they are bound to satisfy any sweet tooth. They are great served warm with ice cream, wrapped in ribbon as a gift or devoured at home by the family as a delicious dessert.

Rolo Blondies stack a delicious recipe


Getting out for activities and day trips, how mobility aids can make it easier

Even with lockdown still affecting many areas, getting out and about is all the more important and the benefits of fresh air and a change of scene can really help lift the mood. There are many activities and day trips available, even with the limited facilities in some areas, and the countryside has many options for quiet escapes or opportunities for exploring and exercise.

If you have any type of disability, or you are recuperating from an injury, sometimes it’s not quite as easy to get out and about and it can feel quite isolating when you need equipment and transport to get out of the house. The thought of using mobility aids of any kind is not something you generally search for when you are perfectly fit and healthy, but if there are mobility concerns for some family members, then it’s a good idea to look at the many options available, as they really can help.

It’s not always about the large pieces of equipment, like a mobility scooter or a wheelchair, sometimes it’s the simple travel accessories that make the trip out easier, more comfortable and ultimately safer. Daily Living Aids refer to the tools, gadgets and aids that can be used either in the home, garden, or when travelling. 
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