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21 August 2022

Summer Fun as a Family with Everyone Active #EveryoneIsFamily

 As a mum of children with ages ranging from 7 months to 18 years, it can often be difficult to find things to do or places to go that cater to everyone's needs. The teens tend to spend far too much time in their bedrooms gaming or binge-watching something on Netflix while I'm usually found out of breath chasing the baby around the lounge! Our time spent indoors has definitely increased since the pandemic and it's about time things changed. When Everyone Active reached out to collaborate for their Everyone is Family campaign it felt like perfect timing. Especially with my eldest duo both at home, bored post-exams for the summer, and myself wanting to shred a few pounds post-birth and return to some level of fitness. 

We all felt spending a bit more time together being active would be beneficial, both physically and mentally.


18 July 2022

5 Tips to Maintain a Healthy and Well-balanced Lifestyle as You Age

As you age, a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle is important if you want to live a long, productive life. This will involve every aspect of your life, from what you eat to your attitude and what you do every day. A combination of healthy habits can ensure that you face life as you age in the best possible way.

1. Healthy eating is essential

Healthy eating habits are more important than ever when you start to age. Your metabolism slows down, and your sense of smell and taste can weaken, giving you less of an appetite.

You need to ensure that you eat enough protein, fruits, fibre, vegetables and whole grains. Health practitioners often recommend the Mediterranean diet. It has an emphasis on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish, and healthy oils like olive oil. These foods can help support energy levels and a strong immune system. It can also help you to sustain a healthy weight, which can prevent certain diseases such as diabetes or arthritis.

For anyone trying to find new ways to improve their health, IV therapy should be on your radar. If you want to try NAD IV therapy in Los Angeles, companies like Drip Hydration, Cienega Med Spa and Solution IV will administer treatments in your home to help you combat some of the negative signs of aging.


11 May 2022

Surviving the Summer with Allergies

With summer on the way many of us may notice an increase in itchy, watery eyes, congestion and sneezing but determining whether this is due to allergies or illness can be tricky. These tips should help you to identify a seasonal allergy and help you to deal with the symptoms until they begin to naturally subside in Autumn.

If you're suffering from symptoms that indicate an allergy, before taking action and seeking treatment, you need to confirm that what you're experiencing is actually due to an allergic reaction. Weather changes can play havoc with our bodies and sometimes it's hard to identify an allergy from a virus or cold. You could book an appointment with a GP but if you would prefer to take a test in the comfort and privacy of your own home, when it's most convenient for you to do so, it may be worth getting yourself a home allergy test. These easy to use kits just involve a quick allergy blood test (finger prick) which is sent off to a lab for analysis. Hay fever is usually worse between March and September when it's often humid and warm outside so keep this in mind.

09 May 2022

7 Things I've Learnt As A Parent

Since the very first moment I held my newborns in my arms it has been an incredible learning journey. You may think as a parent you're the one teaching your child as you raise them but you certainly do develop and change as a person too. You grow as your little one does.

Here are seven things I've learnt as a parent...

Your best is good enough
Parents really give themselves a hard time but you should know that you're doing a wonderful job and you are a good parent. If you're worrying about how well you're doing that alone is a sign that you care enough to be concerned and you're therefore a pretty good mum or dad.  It's okay for your child to have chicken nuggets and chips from time to time and you shouldn't feel guilty, it's okay to raise your voice or get grumpy when you're sleep deprived and it's okay to leave the dishes on the side for a day. People may judge you at times for your choices on breast/bottle feeding or disposable/cloth nappy usage but if your kids are happy and healthy that's all that matters.


07 May 2022

Raspberry Crumble Slices

If you haven't been out to fill your baskets with berries yet this summer, now is the final time to do so - you can make your own jam! Although you can of course use shop bought if you prefer so that you can dive straight in to make this delicious recipe. Our preference of filling has to be raspberry for a beautiful burst of deep red but feel free to use whatever you have to hand or prefer. Blueberries and strawberries are great alternatives and they too create a sweet and sticky centre to contrast nicely with the the crisp yet flaky exterior of these slices.

We like to pop a batch into some plastic pots to take on day trips or when visiting friends as a tasty afternoon treat. The Mini Mes enjoy making these themselves, they are great for tweens to bake, and they get great satisfaction from layering the ingredients nicely before popping them into the oven to turn golden.

Raspberry Crumble Slices

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