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27 March 2012

Eggcellent fun! - Egg decorating

Many schools this time of year have bonnet making competitions but at the mini mes school they also have an egg decorating one. It's a great opportunity for the kids to get creative and use their imaginations so we always get involved. My son actually won last year so we must be doing something right!

It's still fun for little ones (and grown ups) whether you have an event to join in with or not so I'm sharing the method with you to try at home, over the Easter holidays maybe when the kids need entertaining more so than usual. It's very easy to do.

Plastic spoon/scoop
Pens, paint, glue, card, glitter (whatever you have for decoration)

1. Boil some water in a pan and then add your eggs. The water should cover the eggs completely.

2. Cook the eggs until they are hard boiled which will usually take around 5-10 mins. I tend to leave them for 10 mins to be sure.

TIP Add a few extra eggs to the pan just incase shells split or someone drops one to save cooking more later!

3. Once boiled, carefully remove the eggs from the pan and put them on a plate to cool.

4. Once cool its time to decorate them!

Here are the mini mes creations from last year:

You can decorate them however you like, favourite characters, animals, people.... the list is endless.

We haven't completed this years entries as yet but this post will be updated shortly with pics of them for inspiration. We have some great ideas in mind already!


  1. The ladybird is so cute and I adore Humpty Dumpty! My kids will love this in a couple of years time!

    Thanks for linking to Family Frolics. :)

  2. Thanks :)

    Will try to make it a regular thing x

  3. I can remember doing this when the kids were small, they had much fun I needed to put plenty of paper down first.

  4. I love your Humpty Dumpty. Thanks for the ideas for this upcoming Easter!

  5. This is fab idea. Thanks x

  6. These are great, some lovely creative designs by the children, I remember doing all this with my children when they were smaller, trouble was the eggs started to smell long before they were willing to throw them away so I then tried "blowing" some, where you carefully put pinholes in top and bottom of egg and blow through one hole until all the egg drains out the other. It was hard work (have to have a good pair of lungs and lots of patience), took a long while and you do have to be careful with them as they are more delicate but the kids were delighted that their work was preserved for as long as they wanted to keep them.

  7. my kid's love doing this


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