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23 April 2012

I'm supporting Team GB

Will you be watching the Olympics hosted in London later this year? I certainly will be and I'll be showing my support for the athletes by waving and wearing my scarf sent from the lovely people over at Next.

The official paralympicsGB scarf arrived beautifully packaged in a ribbon wrapped box lined with tissue paper. With it came a catalogue packed with great ideas to on how to wear your scarf and with other Union Jack printed items; perfect for showing your support not only for the Olympics but the Queens Diamond Jubilee too!

It has a hand painted lion on it as a visual reflection of the quote 'Ice in your mind, fire in your belly' and it features 60 hands which symbolises the 60 million supporters for the athletes.

The scarf is 100% cotton and great for adults kids and even pets....

Spartan decided he wanted to be patriotic too!

All profits from the sale of the scarves will be donated to the British Olympic Association which helps British Olympic and Paralympic athletes perform their best.

There are two scarves to choose from and two sizes which cost either £5 or £10. If you want to grab yourself one you can do so over at Next. There is also the chance to win with their Wear it, Wave it, Win with it campaign!

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  1. Maya Russell22/05/2012, 11:07

    I like both scarves. I'll be watching the Olympics from home.

    1. Your messages always go to spam for some reason! Are you on Twitter/have a blog hun? x


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