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25 May 2012

And you thought toddlers were a handful...

Minxy is at the age where if she isn't busy bossing someone around she is stomping up stairs and slamming doors behind her before blaring her stereo. Yes, she is infact 8. Teens come early? You would be surprised, quite a few mums I know are going through similar with their kids the same age too. Eeek!

Jamster loves Horrid Henry and after reading quite a few stories with him from the collection recently I've started to think Minxy is the female version sometimes! Don't get me wrong she is my little princess and the majority of the time she is so loving and thoughtful that it's amazes me... but she can go from angel to devil quicker than the Mini Mes rush to the front door when they hear the ice cream van outside!

Recent things lil Miss has said

"All the mums here smell like elderly people"

"That lady has a massive butt"

"They should be on The Biggest Loser"

Trying to get a photo of her in her new summer dresses was quite challenging!

But then the next minute....

"I saved you my last cookie from my lunchbox mummy because you are simply the best." She said as she presented me with a daisy and a note too.

It's the moments like this that make being a parent lovely.

I find her attitude quite amusing for now, its so over the top and dramatic. She reminds me of myself at times the way she speaks her mind... Ooops!

How have you dealt with 'tween' behaviour? Are you dreading your children becoming teens?


  1. Such a sweet story. Warmed my heart.

  2. It is happening here too, as you have seen. I just wish I could let it wash over me, because there are lovely moments. We had almost exactly the same week as you! Last year I banned Horrid Henry because both of them were going round chanting nah nah nah nah naaaah!

  3. Madam T is just about to turn 6 but this sounds just like her!! Get alot of 'so', 'why should I' etc and have to use awful responses like 'don't answer back' and I never understood why having an opinion was answering back as a child so why should she?


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