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07 May 2012

Fatballs - Make your own bird feeder

A bank holiday weekend in England generally means rain! We were well prepared though with some indoor activities on the agenda to keep us busy in the warm and dry.

Bird feeders are a great way to attract some new wildlife to your garden that the kids will love to spot. These are very quick, simple and cheap to make - always a bonus.

What you will need:

Empty pots, lard, string/ribbon, lollipop sticks, nuts and seeds.
Pan, wooden spoon, mixing bowl.


1) Cut lollipop sticks down to the width of the bottom of your pots.
2) Tie string or ribbon around the centre of the sticks and put them into the pots with the string hanging out of the top
3) Add the lard to a pan and melt it on a low heat.
4) Tip the lard into a bowl with the nuts and seeds and stir until they are coated fully.
5) When combined spoon the mixture into the pots ensuring the ribbon/string is in the centre of the mixture and hangs out the top of the pot
6) Leave in the fridge for around 3 hours to set fully.
7) Ease the fatballs out of the pots by pushing the base of the pot or pulling the string gently
8) Hang outside and wait for birds to start munching them!

Hopefully it wont be long until you have some robins and sparrows in the garden for a nibble!


  1. Great idea! My Happy Family Times post is here:

  2. Over winter I think we will make some of these. I hadn't thought to add lard. Not sure if we can buy it like you do though. Will have to check it out :-)

    And thanks for sharing on Happy Family Times

  3. looks like great fun! Thanks for linking to Fun Sparks. x

  4. Maya Russell23/05/2012, 12:59

    That's a great way to make fatballs! Thanks.

  5. What a great idea, and don't seem to messy like others, will give this a try. xx

  6. Thanks for sharing! Looks fun!

  7. We are feeding the birds today, these are so easy to make :)

  8. Great idea!!! Blue Peter came straight to mind as I read your post!!! We usually try to feed the birds as much as possible once the colder weather comes!

  9. What a genius idea!! Very impressed, hehe!

  10. Good idea. My mum likes to put out food for the birds, I'll show her this.

  11. I will have a go with the children it sounds fun.

  12. Excellent idea, fat balls are fairly expensive from shops.

  13. My son loves leaving fat balls out for the birds - he often makes them at nursery - will need to try this at home!


  14. I'm going to give these a try. The shop ones always look so dry


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