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31 May 2012

Jubilee Jam Tarts

Having a Jubilee party? These Jubilee themed jam tarts are delicious and would look great laid out on your picnic blanket to share and enjoy. They are very simple to make so the kids can help out too!

You can add crowns to make them Jubilee themed!
5oz plain flour
2.5oz butter
1/2 tsp salt
Egg yolk (optional)

Makes around 12 tarts

  • Preheat the oven to around 180 degrees.
  • Rub the butter in with the flour and salt until it looks like breadcrumbs and then add a small amount of water (around 2/3tbsp) to form a stiff dough.
  • Flour the surface lightly and roll out the dough to around 3mm. Cut into rounds with a 7cm cutter and place in a cupcake tin.
  • Add a tsp of jam to the centre of the rounds
  • With the leftover pastry dough cut out crowns and place on top of the jam.
  • If you want to give the tarts a shine you can brush them in egg yolk at this point.
  • Cook for around 15 minutes.
  • Scoff - Cooled or lovely warm with ice cream!

Have you made anything special or the Jubilee?


  1. oh i haven't had jam tarts in ages! i used to eat them a lot when i as a child and they are lovely with lemon curd in too! i like your crown toppers. thanks so much for joining in.
    and happy jubilee xx

  2. They look so cute! I love the crown! I bet they are really tasty too! :) x

    1. I learnt the hard way that Jam gets very hot - ouch lol.
      They were yummy though :) x

  3. Yummy yummy! I love the little crowns x

  4. siple, but very effective, nice one. I made red white and blue coconut pyraminds last night

  5. Cute little cakes! :-)

  6. Jam tarts are a favourite in our house too, I often make a batch if I have left over pastry from a savoury pie

  7. Haven't had jam tarts for ages!

  8. I adore Jam tarts!

  9. So easy and so nice. Thanks.

  10. Jam Tarts are lovely and this is a great twist on a classic

  11. I haven't made a jam tart in years! Used to get them from the shop but too much jam in them. Making your own stops that from happening. Great recipe.

  12. Those look lovely, just like my mum used to make.

  13. Will have to make some of these.

  14. ooh lovely. I remember when I was a child being allowing to make jam tarts with the left over pastry from my mum's baking.

  15. these are beautifully made- mine never look as good as those"

  16. Love jam tarts - have not had one in years!


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