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21 May 2012

Meal Planning Monday - Vegetarian Edition

It's National Vegetarian Week and to get involved we have decided to meal plan meat free - much to the Mr's disappointment!

Monday - Vegetarian sausage pasta bake
Tuesday - Quorn fajitas
Wednesday - Mousakka
Thursday - Spinach and ricotta canneloni
Friday - Jacket potatoes with salad

The weekend coming is a child-free one so we will probably eat while out and about or grab something fresh on the day but I'm going to stick with vegetarian options.

If you want to link up your own meal planner or view some more you can head over to At Home with Mrs M!


  1. Good for you - my husband would leave home if I suggested a veggie week....!

  2. my OH would NEVER let me plan a meat free weeks worth of meals!! well done you x

    1. He wasn't keen but his sister is a vegetarian and he is used to a fee bits already so wasn't too hard to sway! x

  3. I missed out on this, should have checked my weeks! My parents are vegetarian and I am happy to go veggie myself too......I may have to try and tweak my meal plan and maybe ease in a few more veggies meals!

  4. Isabel O'Brien21/05/2012, 23:07

    I have been a vegetarian all my life (22 years) and I get so happy when I see people trying out vegetarian food. I want to tell people it's not all just Quorn and vegetables, so yay for you giving it a go.
    Did you try any soya based stuff? I prefer it to Quorn, a lot of people do. It's usually softer in texture and can be made into more things- Asda and Morrisons do loads of fresh and frozen stuff with soya.


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