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17 May 2012

Rub-a-dub-dub... what's in your tub?

Apart from being time to clean up and rinse off all the food, paint and mud from the day, bathtimes can be fun and educational too. As the kids have got older (boohoo) I've found that the variety of toys suitbale for them in the bath is minimal. This is rather disappointing as it means they usually want to drag in dolls and action figures with them which aren't always good for a water and bubbles combo!

So I ask you, what is in your tub? What fab splash-worthy toys do your little ones enjoy? What games do you play in the tub that you could recommend to others?

What's in our tub

Firstly no bath is complete without a collection of ducks, surely? We got the small yellow ones in a hook-a-duck stall at the fair and they are great fun in the bath as they are magnetic and the kids have little fishing rods to gather them all up with. The pink one is from soap and glory and is more for me and my love of all things fluff, sparkles and glitter and anything else classed as girly!

Jamster has had the Imaginext Submarine for a good few years. It has slowly worked it's way from his room into the bathroom along with the deep sea divers that came with it. It's durable and it doesn't contain batteries so it seems to be ideal for him.

This collection of animals we use in part of a memory game we play. Originally from various Animal Hospital playsets, we line the animals up on the side of the bath, the kids look away and I remove one animal. They then guess which one it is. Simple but they seem to like it!

This is the most recent purchase - The Hello Kitty Bath Slider Playset. Minxy has just turned 8 and was moaning for ages some time that she had no bath toys so I searched her favourite character and found this tower of fun. It seems good quality although we had a few issues attaching it to the side of the bath (doesn't fit all tubs).

We also have tile crayons and foam letters too which are great for pratising spellings and playing hangman too.

Have you found it difficult to find bath toys that are suitable for older children?
What is your child's favourite bath time toy or activity?

I've added a linky below so if you have any bath time pics, games, educational fun or more you can add them below and I'll pop over for a nosey.


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