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21 May 2012

Tots100 Book Club - Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

I generally go for crime or real life when it comes to books but Me Before You is a modern love story with a twist, and I found it really thought-provoking and enchanting.

After losing her job at a cafe, Louisa Clark takes on a 6-month contract as a companion for Will Traynor, a former high-flyer hooked on adrenaline until a motocycle accident left him trapped within a wheelchair. She soon discovers that Will wants to end his life and the 6-month contract is infact due to the length of time he has promised his parents he will wait before he arranges an assisted suicide. Louisa trys to help Will to see the good in life during this time to change his mind and takes him on various trips where she slowly falls in love with him regardless of his disability.

Despite the story being based around a quadriplegic wanting to end his ongoing suffering it's far from a depressing book. It has some great humour in it and you can really connect with the characters and see their relationship develop. Both Louisa and Will are witty and sarcastic and there is some great narrative between the two that will make you smile.

The discriptive language makes it easy to visualise them, Louisa's random fashion sense and their surroundings. You follow them on a journey through his ups and downs including pneumonia as well as her split with her long term partner, supporting eachother as they go. There are several high points with a dinner date and drunken fun, a sensual shave experience and times spent in a beautiful garden enjoying eachothers company and conversation.

I wont give the ending away as it's best if you read the book yourself - it's perhaps an unexpected one and it did almost bring me to tears. Proof of a well written book in my opinion!

Who do I recommend it to?

I have selected this book to be sent with some delicious galaxy chocolate from Tesco to someone that regularly comments on my 366 posts and seems to be a great versatile blogger. Her recent recipes for the Jubilee have been very original and I think after all her baking she will enjoy a sit down with this book and a tasty treat. Elaine at Fun-as-a-gran - enjoy!



  1. aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh Emma that is lovely of you, thanks a million, Im touched

  2. I loved this book so much and made my mom read it, and she loved it too. Like you, I also love that it is British. I’m so used to reading Brit books now that it didn’t even occur to me how it comes across. My mom mentioned having a hard time getting into it at first because it was so English.


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