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19 June 2012

How and when do you find the time to... Meme

I've been tagged by the lovely Two of Everything to continue the 'How and when do you find the time to' meme that was created by Sex, Drugs, Rocker and... Stroller.
  • Please post the rules.
  • When answering the questions, please give as much detail as possible!
  • Leave a comment on Sex, Drugs, Rocker and...Stroller, so we can keep track of the meme and I can totally steal your routine tips to make my world a happier place.
  • Also if you want (and I'd really like you to!) add a little paragraph at the bottom to give a general summing up about your weekly routine!
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Here goes...
How and when do you find the time to... your laundry?
The basket sits at the top of the stairs and when its nearly filled, generally every other day with all the Mr's work clothes too, I wash it and put it on the airer. I also do a Friday load of all the school uniform so its all fresh and put away for the following week.
....write a blog post?
At the moment I'm only working a few hours a week and as the kids are at school I have a fair bit of time to do as I please. I don't blog in the evenings or the weekends, that's my time with the Mr to relax together and chat - I might schedule some things to go up then though.
....look after yourself...i.e. wash your hair, paint your nails, take a bubble bath etc?
My nails are acrylic so they only need maintaining once a month really, which is a 40 min session at my fav beauty place Creative Nails. My hair I wash every other day and leave to dry naturally and I then straighten it in the morning before the school run. I can have a bath easily in the evening as the kids are sound asleep 8pm-7.45am.... peace!
....spend time with your other half?
I get the evenings with him once he has finished work and the kids are in bed. I'm not with the kids biological father, haven't been for over 5 years now, so every other weekend and 2 wednesdays a month they go to him which is our couple time. We enjoy going to the cinema, playing darts and catching up with family or just having a movie night in with some good food and wine! fun stuff with your LO?
After school if the weather is nice we play in the garden, fields or park, go out on scooters or bikes or fly the kites. If the weather isn't so great we like to do baking an crafts indoors. We also like to play board games from time to time or cards. It's nice that the Mini Mes are 6 and 8 as they play happily together or entertain themselves too with various toys.
My dad, brother, sister-in-law, Mr and Minxy
....spend time with family?
Mondays we usually head to my Grans house where the Mini Mes and I also meet up with my Mum, Aunt, cousins etc for a catch up and lots of treats. We also pop in to the Mr's parent sometimes at weekends or my parents and quite often we will meet my parents at the pub or in town. We get on well.
....socialise with friends?
This doesn't seem to happen that often anymore unfortunately! A lot of them have younger children which need them at home and prevent them going out or drinking, don't have funds for one reason or another, or don't live close enough to see on a regular basis. I do see some good friends on the school run for a brief natter almost daily and catch up with close ones usually on a Thursday at the local soft play after school which I enjoy.
....prepare an evening meal juggling a baby/toddler bedtime routine?
I don't have this problem anymore but I used to put them in the play pen with some toys or in the highchair with some chunky crayons to doodle with. Slow cookers are the way forward though with small children.
....deep clean your house?
It never really needs a 'deep clean'. I do a few litle bits each day and that keeps on top of it all. I have a sort through old clothes and toys around every 12 weeks on a weekend. the food shopping?
Recently the Mr has been going to Tesco on a Sunday for the weekly shop but I do sometimes do it in the evening online. If we need some fresh bread, milk etc then me or the Mr will pop to Co-op.
....bulk ironing?
I don't! I never iron, well unless something looks particularly creased. The kids wear polo tops for school as does the Mr for work and they don't need ironing.
Being organised is key. A little and often makes tasks seem easy and you wont end up with a big load sitting there with your name on, waiting to be cleaned!
I generally clean the bathrooms and change bedding every Friday, wash up and hoover daily which includes cleaning all work tops etc. Write a to do list if needs be!
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  1. Wow, you're so organised with your cleaning! Would you like to come and do a bit of mine? ;) Lovely piccies :)

    Thanks for joining in x

  2. Thanking for tagging me... am hoping mine will get to wear polo shirts to school!


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