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05 June 2012

Jubilee Crafts - Little Doers Review

Having constant inspiration for kids crafts can be difficult especially when you don't always have space to save old boxes and yogurt pots or to store paint, glue and glitter. That's where Little Doers come in -  a box delivered directly to your door every 4 weeks containing everything you need to create atleast 4 wonderful crafts with instructions included! They even provide crayons, paint powder to mix up yourself in pots that they also provide and aprons... you can't get better than that!

The Mini Mes and I were lucky enough to receive a box to review and they had geat fun making some Jubilee themed crafts, which have been perfect for the recent celebrations. The box contained materials to create a crown, bunting, queens guard, queen puppet and a queen mask and also had colouring sheets, fact sheets and a laminated national anthem. Paint pots, disposable aprons, glue spreader and a paint brush were in the box too -  I was really quite impressed by how much there was included.

The instructions were easy to follow and included little pictures to help explain the creative process. The craft materials were good quality and despite being themed were all very different so there were no complaints of boredom, they kept the Mini Mes entertained (and quiet!) for some time. This is definately a system that I feel would benefit many homes where the parents don't have time to go in search of various craft materials themselves, don't have space to store lots of products or lack ideas on what to make. It takes the hassle of crafts away leaving more time to have fun with the kids instead and it's all organised inside a single box.

There is a members site giving you access to other craft ideas, certificates to print and a photo tutorials. As well as the crafts, the packs come with various extras which include dot-to-dot, song sheets, and pictures to colour. The packs we received came with details about the queen and guards and colouring sheets making the packs not only fun but educational too.

Little Doers began in 2011 and is aimed at toddlers and early years (ages 2-7). Each craft idea is individually sealed in a large envelope which makes the crafts perfect to take to relatives or friends homes to do there or to take away on holiday without fear bits will get lost or messy on your travels. They are very easy to transport indeed.

The packs are manufactured in the UK yet sometimes include activities that relate to other cultures and important holidays to help children be included and learn about them.

There are 3 levels of membership to suit every need and bank balance.
  • Basic is a rolling 4 week service where you can cancel at time. This is ideal to test the service before subscribing.
  • Club level which comes with a membership pack
  • Mega level also comes with a membership pack but also a Little Doers T-shirt worth £13!
  • There is also an online only option which provides photo guides, files and printables.
For more information on costs or to subscribe you can head over to Little Doers website

Until 6th June there is a 60% off offer by using code DIAMOND at checkout.

Do you think having crafts delivered to your door appeals to you?
What are your favourite craft activities with the kids?


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