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04 June 2012

Meal Planning Monday

The Mr and I are child-free from Tuesday this week until Sunday evening, the longest time I've ever spent without the Mini Mes *boohoo*. They are going to their dads for the majority of half term as he is off work, so this weeks meals should be a lot cheaper with only needing to buy half of the usual ingredients and no lunch box items for school!

So, what's on the menu...

Monday - Spaghetti and meatballs
Tuesday - Fish cakes, new potatoes and veg
Wednesday -Turkey and Bacon Lasagne (recipe coming later this week)
Thursday - Pizza
Friday - We will probably be eating out as my family return from Canada and we will need a catch up... possibly at the pub!

The weekends meals will vary depending upon where we are but I imagine roast lamb or chicken will be involved at some point - yummy!

Next week I'm hoping to use some recipes from my Slimming World books to try to shift some weight!

What is on your planner this week?

You can see what's on other peoples menus this week or link up your own meal planner with At Home With Mrs M.



  1. Yummy! I love roast lamb but its just becoming so expensive!

  2. Enjoy the peace and quiet! I also love roast lamb, best thing ever :)

  3. Sounds like my menu planner!! The house will seem quiet this week then!

  4. Lovely, simple and delicious meal plan. Have a great week xxx


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