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01 June 2012

Project 366, 153/366 - A little treat

I received money and various vouchers for my birthday back in April and it only just hit me that I haven't actually used any as yet! I booked myself in for my usual acrylic nails and this time I went for a lovely shade of pink with some silver star gems on my thumbs and some nail art too.

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What pampering and treats do you enjoy?


  1. Oooh very nice, they actually match your blog design! I can never keep my nails looking good without chipping and breaking no matter how much I'd like to. x

    1. My natural nails are quite brittle at times plus I hate polishing them so this is a lot easier and prettier for me :) x

  2. I take the simple option....I bite mine

  3. Wow, they are gorgeous and like Mags says they match your blog design perfectly!

    I bite mine I'm ashamed to say so my nails always look dreadful :-(

  4. Oh they look fab! I love to have a manicure & pedicure but it's been a while and I tend to do it myself now - I must book something, it is so nice to be pampered xx


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