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07 June 2012

Tilda Kids Review

It can be a struggle to get your child to eat vegetables at times so when products you wouldn't expect contain 1 of their 5 a day it's always a great bonus! Tilda's new rice for kids is not only delicious but it contains 1 of your child's portions of veg and is a perfect accompaniment for their meals.

Each pouch contains natural ingredients, are full of goodness without unwanted additives, are convenient as they can be heated in the microwave or on the hob, full of flavour and they contain vegetables in pieces and/or puree.

We were sent some Tilda rice to review and we were pleased with the product.

The packaging features cute animals which makes the product fun and attractive for children. There is a crocodile called Charlie, Monkey called Rupert, Jasmine a Tiger and Lottie a parrot. The base to the packets is transparent so you can see the rice before you buy it you fancy a nosey at what it looks like.

The rice comes in 4 flavours:

Mild and Sweet Curry 
Sunshine Vegetable
Sweet Vegetable and Wholegrain
Cheese and Tomato

It is very easy to cook, you simply tear the top slightly and heat in the microwave for 40 seconds (800w) or heat on the hob for 3-4minutes with a small amount of water. I was concerned that the rice would be dry but it was moist and fluffy as rice should be and it tasted very good. The kids enjoyed it with a variety of dishes, I had it as a snack and I feel it would be great to pop in your bag for work or to take on day trips to heat up whilst out and about with the family.

Nutritional bit
Each pouch is around 200 calories and is high in carbs - perfect to give your little people lots of energy!

Thumbs up all round!



  1. Hello, this product is amazing as my 2 kids aged 4 and 8 love it, even more keep asking for cheese and tamato aswell as sweet and mild curry everytime we go shopping. Plus side at least once a week they have this amazing product. Im also in love with the sweet and mild curry. Hopefully they will make big packs. Im very pleased that Tilda have come up with this idea to bring some goodness for our little ones. Superb, easy and all 4 of the range with huge thumbs up. Thanks Tilda

  2. I havent actually tried any of these but will look out for them when next in the supermarket, especially the curry rice


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