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12 June 2012

Time Tunnel #2

Time Tunnel is a new meme created by the lovely Pinkoddy. Every Tuesday you are asked to post about events from a particular year (that you can choose) and then you guess which year they are from... tut tut no cheating peeps !

Can you guess the year that I have chosen from the info below?

Best selling albums of the year

Top selling movies of the year

Top news stories of the year
Giant sea scorpian claw is discovered
  • The UK July floods were some of the worst on record
  • The government announced 2 discs went missing with 25million peoples details on
  • A giant sea scorpian claw was found that came from 8ft tall creature - eek

Personal to me from the year
  • I moved back in with my parents for 3 months after splitting with the Mini Mes dad
  • I moved into my very own home (just little old me and the Mini Mes)
  • Minxy started nursery
  • I purchased my Fiesta which I still have now

Can you guess the year?



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