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16 July 2012

Celebrating Success

When your child reaches a target, wins an event or does something amazing that makes you proud it's always nice to celebrate and praise them for it. Not only does it make them feel proud of themselves but it encourages them to do the same again in the future as they know their hard work and determination pays off. It really helps to boost their confidence too.

The Mini Mes have had several successes recently and I love to make them feel good about what they have achieved.

Minxy has a magazine subscription to Animals and You and she recently read that they were trying to raise funds for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. She immediately wanted to get involved as she cares deeply for animals and she suggested making and selling lemonade then donating the money to charity. Eventually she decided a read-a-thon would be a better idea as she loves books and the weather outside isn't ideal at the moment! She pledged to read 50 books in 50 days and on 20th July she will have completed her challenge. So far she has already raised £184 for the charity through her hard work. Due to her support and kindness to help animals I contacted her magazine and the local paper to share her achievement and they have both featured her in an issue - she was so pleased!
You can see Minxy's progress at

Although the original sports day was cancelled due to rain, Jamster had a year sports event last week. He came home with lots of stickers on and I told him how pleased I was with how he did. He didn't win any races, although he came second and third, but I made sure he knew that I was proud of him for taking part and giving it his best shot.

The school reports were amazing! I'm lucky that both of the Mini Mes put in a lot of effort at school and are quite ahead for their age in the majority of subjects. I didn't award them with gifts but with hugs and words. They were truly beaming knowing I was happy and they were thrilled by how pleased their teachers were with their progress too. There is an award ceremony coming up soon and Minxy is down for the best hand writing award and a gold badge. I will be there to see her get the certificate.

Kids can be fussy eaters at times but when they make the effort to eat healthily I reward them. We have decided between us as a family that if they eat all of their fruit in their lunch boxes and all of their vegetables with dinner that we will take them out at the end of the week. A meal in a restaurant of their choice allowing them to have a night where they can eat what they would like not only encourages them to eat well the rest of the time but makes them feel proud knowing that they earned their reward for trying their best.

Minxy has chosen the local Indian restaurant first and I know Jamster is after a Pizza Hut or Burger King next!

I like to celebrate my childrens success with providing memories that they can treasure. Taking them out somewhere they want to go and taking photos of their achievements will last longer than buying them a toy they want, although I do that at times too. I also save all of their awards and photos in memory boxes for them to have when they are bigger.

Mum of Olympian Jessica Ennis speaks here about nurturing a desire to achieve and I feel as parents we need to support our children as much as we possibly can to help them to reach their goals in life, whatever they may be.

How do you reward success?

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