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05 July 2012

If I were a romantic movie... meme

The fab Umar from Trinket of Treasure has invited me to join in with her 'If I were' Meme about romantic movies *wit woo*. I'm a bit more of a sci-fi lover really (they usually end tragically though) but I have seen a fair few in my time so it got me thinking, which should I choose!?

If I were… A Romantic Movie
I would be 'The Ugly Truth' starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler.

Katherine plays Abby, a successful tv show producer looking for love. Mike, played by the rather tasty Gerard Butler is the shows star and is convinved that Katherine can't find the man of her dreams, as afterall men only want one thing don't they? However after providing advice to Katherine to pull the sexy doctor next door and a few bizarre dating experiences they both end up falling for eachother instead.
Reasons for my choice:
It's romantic without the mush. It's a fantastic, funny romantic comedy and it helps to show that life rarely goes how you expect it to, but that's not always for the worse. Love can sometimes be right infront of you without you even realising. Those that may irritate you or embarrass you may actually be the love of your life. Sometimes you just need to take the time to discover that there is more to people than you think. Don't judge a book by it's cover and all that!

So, that’s me done! I'm going to tag a few people to join in and if you would like to create a post you can pop the link in the comments below once you're done and I'll pop over for a read and a nosey at your blog.

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