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09 July 2012

Meal Planning Monday

All this cold weather is making me poorly *sniffles*. I'm in need of quick and easy, filling meals this week so that's what we have planned.

Monday - Pizza, garlic bread and salad
Tuesday - Fajitas
Wednesday - Chicken tikka masala, garlic and coriander bread and rice.
Thursday - Enchiladas
Friday - Toad in the hole with mash, petit pois and gravy
Saturday - Pasta bake
Sunday - Roast Gammon and all the trimmings

We have the kids every day this week so I've planned for the weekend as well. If it's just me and the Mr we tend to eat out or with friends when it's Saturday and Sunday but I'm being super organised and we have done the food shop for 7 days rather than 5.

What are you scoffing this week? Is the weather altering your eating habits?
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  1. I've got mashed potato for tea tonight! Mash! In July! It's just plain wrong...


  2. Your week all sounds really tasty. I think toad in the hole needs to be on my menu next week!

  3. The weather is playing serious havoc with our usual eating habits too - curry, fajitas, pasta, surely it's time for the summer salads?!x

  4. We're having actual stew this week. Stew! In July! Love the sound of roast gammon, haven't had that in years!

  5. mmmmmmm all your meals sound yummy indeed!!!!! can i come and stay this week please? ! :) x

  6. Lots of lovely dishes. I do like fajitas, we always seem to make too many sides though.

  7. Mmmmm love all of this!!!! xxxx


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