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23 July 2012

Monday Me #6

TheMiniMesandMeMonday is here again and that means it's time to look back over the past week and have a peek at what we have done for ourselves. The kids always take priority but it's also good to enjoy a bit of me time and that's what Monday Me is all about. Time to yourself! Whether you have been reading a new book, purchased a new outfit for or had a lovely weekend away child free you can link up your posts here.

My Monday Me

Wednesday the Mini Mes headed to their dads house so the Mr, my mum and I headed out for dinner. My mum and I shared a litre of pinot grigio as the Mr was the chosen driver and we all had beautiful steaks, mine was with chips, buttered peas and peppercorn sauce. We all had huge sundaes afterwards too, mine was filled with cookie pieces, it defeated me though as I couldn't eat it all.

Friday to Sunday we were also child free as it was the Mini Mes weekend to be with their dad. Friday night was a relaxing evening in with a chip shop tea (not quite what was on the planner). Saturday I went on the Mr's motorbike for the first time which was a little scary at first but I really enjoyed it to the extent we went and got me my own kit, pink of course, in the afternoon. The evening involved a curry with my parents, drinks and darts at a local pub and Sunday was a day in doing chores, ordering the food shopping and generally chilling.

What have you done for you this week?

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  1. sounds like a nice weekend, the joy of separation I suppose...days of freedom!! always like the look of sundaes but would suffer far far too much if I ate one

  2. Oooh that sundae is making me hungry!! I want some of that and pink biker gear too xx


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