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22 July 2012

My Week That Was

Finally the summer holidays have arrived! I'm so excited to be off work for 6 and a bit weeks with the Mini Mes and I'm so looking forward to having some fun with them. A few lay ins would be lovely too *fingers crossed*.

Next weeks post should be packed full of great things that we have been up to but here is looking back over the past week....

After the usual work and school routine we headed to my grans house for the evening. Generally every Monday we meet up at her home with other members of the family (my mum, aunt and cousins) for a bit of a natter and lots of yummy treats! There were carrot cakes, jelly babies, flapjacks etc all to be scoffed... a few wont hurt the diet every now and then... will it?!

I spent the majority of today at the Mini Mes school watching their celebration assemblies. Jamster achieved his silver badge and Minxy got her gold. I'm so pleased with how well they have been doing, you can read a bit more about that here.

Another morning was spent at school but this time to see Minxy at her orchestra performance. She plays the cello and she performed some great music (and dancing) with some other children from her year. She really dislikes a large audience so I am very proud that she was on the front row and didn't seem fussed by all of the mums and dads watching. After work I headed out for a rather late lunch with a friend and in the evening, as the Mini Mes went to their dads, the Mr, my mum and I headed to The Harvester for dinner - delicious juicy steak and a huge sundae or dessert... oops!

Today was the school fun day! A wonderful day packed with a picnic style lunch (indoors unfortunately due to the wet weather), circus skills, penalty shoot out, face painting etc that the Mini Mes loved.

I enjoyed breakfast with my work colleagues today so eggs benedict was on the menu for me. The Mini Mes had a toy and mufti day at school so they took in Zoobles and Spiderman things to play with and they also took presents in for their teachers. They seemed really pleased with what they received. I try to steer clear of chocolates and flowers as a lot of other parents buy those and I went for something personalised with framed button art.

The Mini Mes were at their dads for the weekend so for the first time ever I was a pillion! The Mr passed his bike test a few months back now and has a lovely Honda CBR so we thought it was about time I went for a ride. I'll admit I was a little scared before getting on but it was actually a lot easier than I expected and great fun. He just drove around the local industrial estates for me to get used to it for a while and then we headed over to Rugby to get me some lovely biker gear of my own. In the evening we went out for a few drinks, darts and a curry with my parents.

Today was a nice quiet one indoors. A little housework followed by the food shopping being ordered online while the Mr visited his friend for a while and did the gardening.

What have you been up to this week?



  1. well firstly a big mmmmm at that ice cream sundae!
    secondly, your apple button artwork is brilliant! so clever. you were brave to get aboard your hubby's mortobike i am not sure if i would do it!!
    enjoy your 6 weeks of holidays and i hope you get some more sunshine to enjoy it xx

  2. Your button art is amazing- I am so impressed, I think that is a really different and creative thing to do. I shall have to get my practice in for when my daughter goes to school. I hope you enjoy the school holidays- at least the weather is better. How long it will last for I do not know! x


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