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03 July 2012

Pocket Money Palava

The Mini Mes are at the age (8 and 6) where I expect them to keep their bedrooms tidy, put their clean washing away, put dirty washing in the basket and draw their curtains and make their beds each day. But I always wonder if they should be paid for what they do at the end of each week with pocket money or whether they should just do it as a way of learning to be tidy, organised and to look after their living space. I don't get paid for housework!

Ever since they were dinky they would help to put toys away in the toy boxes. I would time them or make it into a game so it was fun and it became second nature to them. They are generally very good at putting rubbish away and putting toys back where they belong once they have finished playing and if I give them a pile of clothes they will automatically take them upstairs and put them in their drawers.

They get bought new toys, books and games regularly anyway so do I need to give them cash as well? I also put money into their savings account monthly so they have funds for when they are older.

I feel as though giving them pocket money each week may help them to learn the importance of money and to gain a sense of achievement when saving to buy things themselves from being helpful around the home. BUT then I wonder if they will expect more money as they get older and assume I will pay them for every little task I ask them to do. Also, how much is the right amount to pay them? Should it be a set amount each week or vary upon the tasks they have completed? Should they get the same amount regardless of age?

What do you expect your children to do around the home? Do you give them pocket money for chores?


  1. We don't do anything yet, but I keep thinking I've got myewondering!!

  2. The newly 4 year old I try and bribe however he has an ASD so it rarely works. I think working for pocket money is a great way forward though it teaches children the value of money, aids their self esteem and also helps you

  3. Apart from the usual chores as you have said, I ask mine to do at least one extra chore each week - cleaning out pets, hoovering, cleaning shoes, laying table etc. They each have a different responsibility. If this is done well (it usually is, to be honest), they get £1 for every year old that they are, per month eg my 7 year old gets £7 a month etc. It works quite well at the moment, but I can see us getting to the stage of needing an allowance as my eldest is now 12. Sounds like you're doing a great job of getting them to help out :)


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