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19 July 2012

Reasons to be Happy

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

You make me smile
You're not from round here

My reasons to be smile definitely don't involve sunshine as yet another week of  'summer' goes by with more rain, thunder and lightening! However I am excited about the possibilty of sunshine soon...

The kids are possibly, fingers crossed, spending a Wednesday-Sunday in August with their dad once he confirms it so the Mr and I are going abroad for 5 nights! It will be the first time abroad without the children but the thought of relaxation, sunshine and cocktails sounds amazing and I really can't wait. We just need to pick somewhere to jet off to... suggestions welcome!

Holiday part two
The Mini Mes finish school tomorrow and I finish work for 6 weeks *yay*. They have a fun day at school today with bouncy castles, face painting, jugglers and performers and a picnic lunch with ice cream too. Tomorrow is mufti and toy day - what a lovely way to finish the academic year.

Meal out
I enjoyed a delicious meal out with the Mr and my mum last night at The Harvester. I have only ever been there once before and I had forgotten how good it is. Unlimited fresh salad and then a juicy 8oz rump steak followed by a cookie sundae. It was a lovely treat after my recent effort to lose weight.

What reasons do you have to be cheerful this week?


  1. I hope you will enjoy your holiday but bet you will miss the children.

    1. I will miss them soooo much. I'm looking forward to a few days break though :) x

  2. Oh fantastic how lovely for you, enjoy! I went to Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote in May and stayed in La Penita (booked though a site called Holiday Nights) and I absolutely loved it. Clean accommodation, beautiful weather, right on the beach, great pool... perfect!

    It looks like everyone is looking forward to the holidays haha, I know I am! x

    1. We have been looking at that area as well as malta and tunisia so far. I'll have a nosey at the hotel you mentioned :)

      Yea I can't wait - 6 weeks off work too yay! x

  3. Oh enjoy your 6 weeks off - yyyeeeaaah!
    I am off since 5th July but due to redundancy.
    And am going to Ireland in August again, for a big wedding.

    RE: things to do for kids, I always go where my relatives are, so don't have a tourist view of Ireland but it is WONDERFUL.

    RE: the Lemonade Diet, Google the Master Cleanse and if you have a Kindle download it; it's fab.

    Liska x

  4. Hope you find somewhere exotic and lovely to go to. Everyone seems to be celebrating the school holidays coming round

  5. Enjoy your ME and Him time :) and then have fun the rest of the time with the children 6 weeks off? i'd be driven mad by x

  6. Oh my goodness, you have just made me very hungry with that photo of a cookie sundae. Mmmmm.

  7. As much as we love our children it's great to have that time away from them isn't it?

  8. Enjoy your break when you get it!

  9. That sunday looks GOOD! Trip to harvester may be in order

  10. I would love one of those sundaes right about now!


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