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17 July 2012

Summer Bucket List

With the Summer holidays only a few days away (where has 2012 gone already?!) I thought it was about time I sorted a family bucket list packed with fun things to complete this July-September.

The weather hasn't been that great recently but I'm hoping there are a few good days of sunshine to enjoy outdoor activities too!

Strawberry picking
Make a flower bed
Grow butterflies
Make a wormery
Make an ant farm
Bug hunt
Play cricket
Grow beans
Chalk drawings
Tree climbing
Reading challenge at the library
Visit a splash park
Go camping
Visit Chessington World of Adventure
Visit Gullivers
Visit a farm
Go to the zoo
Spend a day at the seaside
Have a picnic in the woods
Bake bread
Make homemade ice cream
Play rounders
Grow cress
Kite flying
Build a den
Olympic games
Face painting
Circus skills

There are craft activities we will be completing involving paints, glue and glitter and of course lots more baking but we will decide what to make on the day. I'm hoping the above is all ticked off come 5th September when the Mini Mes head back to school.

What do you want to do over the summer?



  1. What a lovely list, I think I am going to do one too to keep me on track for activities this summer

  2. I have done one too - helps you focus

    1. It does doesn't it. I print off a summer planner each year, put lots of ideas on paper and into a pot, let the kids take it in turn to pick something out and fill in the planner. Being organised really prevents boredom despite the poop weather!

  3. Love your list!! You've given me lots of ideas I should've added to mine - my older two went zorbing - it was hilarious to watch! x


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