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28 August 2012

A woodland walk

Sunday was a beautiful, warm day so we decided to head to Salcey Forest for a family walk in the afternoon. I hadn't been there in years so I thought it would make a nice change from our local fields and parks. 

It's far more than just a forest, it has a tree top walk, play area and a lovely cafe too there.

Tree Top Way is considerably higher than I remember! Raising to 15 metres above the forest floor and with steps up to a crow's nest platform at 20 metres I did feel a little giddy at times. The Mini Mes jumping on the way didn't help my fear of heights, as it made the walk wobble quite a bit (eek), but I plodded on trying to remain calm awaiting the wonderful views from the top.

And wonderful they were...

There are rest stops every 24 metres which is the perfect opportunity to look out at the wildlife and take pictures.

Once out of the forest we stopped off for ice creams...

I'm linking this outdoor fun post with Country Kids

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. That looks absolutely great - I'd love to take the kids there! x

  2. I'm sure I have seen this place featured before, it looks so much fun with that tree top walk and amazing views from the top. Thank you for sharing.

  3. That looks a great place for an adventure


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