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21 August 2012

Capture the Colour

The lovely Fiona from Coombe Mill has tagged me to take part in the Capture the Colour Competition run by One very lucky winner will receive £2000 cash to spend on travel and five colour category winners will receive an iPad 3!

Photography is something that I love and I am a little obsessed with! If I don't have my camera to hand then my mobile will pop out for a snap at every opportunity. I enjoy capturing those special moments in life that you want to treasure forever. I want the Mini Mes to have lots of pictures to look at when they are older to see what they were like as babies and children, to share with their own families as they grow. A picture paints a thousand words after all, even if I am no expert behind a lens.

My selected 5 photos cover some of our wonderful trips and holidays as a family.

The colour changing lights at the Sea Life Adventure Park in Weymouth made the jelly fish glow beautifully. You can see Jamster's reflection in the glass as he stood in awe watching, the noise of the raining splashing down outside.

The green fields and trees here were captured early one morning in Cromer, last August on our first ever family camping adventure. I remember the whispers and giggles from nearby tents, the smell of bacon sizzling on the stove for breakfast and the strong scent of coffee to help warm and wake people up.

There is always fun to be had at the fair and a beach trip isn't the same without arcades, hook-a-duck and popping money in machines trying to grab some toys for the Mini Mes.

The balloon festival is an annual event that we love to visit as a family. Watching the balloons inflate, glow and take off into the white clouds that look like cotton wool is quite mesmerising for the children. They love to wave to those aboard as they float further into the distance. 

When in Great Yarmouth last year we went to the Hippodrome to see a show. One part involved motorcycles riding around in a small ball. The smell of fuel was overpowering and the loud engine revs.

I'm selecting the following five to give the Capture a Colour competition a go...

  • Your blog post needs to include pictures for each of the colours; blue, green yellow, white and red in order to win the £2000 prize.
  • Try to provide detail on where the photo was taken, how you felt, the smells, sounds or even add a witty comment about the picture.
  • You need to link to the post back to the competition.
  • Nominate 5 other bloggers to get involved too.


  1. thanks Emma, will trawl my pics and enter.

  2. Fantastic, I love the hot air balloon one! Emma @mummymummymum

  3. Thank you :-) Will get stuck into my photos and give it a go!

  4. A great take on all the colours, I love the Red ball! Good luck and thanks for carrying on the competition.

  5. Here is my entry! :-)

  6. You WHITE is my fav! Lovely!


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