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23 August 2012

Triple Chocolate Brownies

You can't think of the calories when you indulge with this recipe. The taste is truly rich and delicious and if you cook it perfectly you get a nice crisp outside and a gooey centre... yum! I love a big slice warm with ice cream as a treat and if you chop it into cubes it's great for picnics and lunch boxes.


180g butter
270g of caster sugar
3 medium eggs
40g cocoa
80g plain flour
60g white chocolate
60g milk chocolate
100g dark chocolate

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees before you start and line your 9" cake tin.


For this recipe we used the Mermaid 9" Loose Base cake Tin and the OXO Egg Beater that we were kindly sent to review.

The Mermaid loose base cake tin is made from anodised aluminum and will never flake, blister or peel. It is scratch resistant so you can use metal utensils with it when necessary and it provides even heat distribution to ensure your cake cooks perfectly.

I found that it is heavier than other brands and therefore feels a lot more robust. There was no leakage of mixture as the base fits snugly into place ready for baking. The base is also easy to push up and out for ease of removing your cake afterwards. There were no difficulties in removing the brownie from the tin base and it was easy to clean - a great product!

You can find your nearest stockist here:

The new OXO Hand Held Mixer has a contoured handle and non slip grips making it easy to hold when whisking. The base and stainless steel beaters are easily removed to clean and as they are elevated you can hold the mixer right on the base of the bowl without it catching. The rotating gears are protected to prevent them getting messy and the beater is easy to use without any difficulty - the kids loved joining in to mix the eggs and sugar together.

I was really impressed with this as it whisked my eggs nicely without any effort. By clicking the buttons to the front and rear I was able to disconnect the beaters and slide them out to clean, it was simple to reassemble too.

You can find your nearest stockist here:



  1. Can't wait to try these brownies thanks! Those tins are great i must get more x

  2. Yum, who does not love brownies!

  3. Bookmarked! What if you don't have cocoa? Can you just bump up the flour and/or chocolate content? Is that a very silly question? Not really a cook you see, but am trying.

    1. I'd probably add a sprinkle more flour and a bit more dark chocolate :) x

    2. Am totally on it and have bought some cocoa! Will report back ;)

    3. Ha! Did it! OMG the brownies are so rude! I may have slightly underdone them, and we were in a great hurry to try them so they were still warm, but we like them gooey. Great recipe.

    4. Glad you liked them. Warm and gooey is goooood! x

  4. Drool! I love brownies.


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