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11 September 2012

Currently Coveting

I'm forever having a browse through catalogues and online thinking 'ooohhh' at a variety of products that I would love to own. Similar to window shopping minus the rain and cold!

Here is a collection of what I'm currently coveting...

I love Lush products and this bumper box of goodies would work wonders at the moment having returned to work after 6 weeks! The print tunic is from Dorothy Perkins and I adore big knits, especially this time of year with some leggings and fluffy boots. The sweet collection is from Prezzybox and I just think that they look fantastic in the little bottles which I could store some other bits in afterwards.

Minxy loves...

She is slightly Zooble obsessed and has around 30, so this car is something she has been after for a while! She saw the Orbeez foot spa advertised on TV recently and has been asking about it for Christmas already.

Jamster loves...

Jamster has always been a big Marvel Fan but is particularly liking the Lego Batman range at the moment and the monster range.

What have you seen recently that you love?


  1. Ive seen the Orbeez foot spa on TV too and have to admit, I REALLY want to try it!
    Tunic is very cute x

    1. I'm intrigued to know what it feels like! Minxy is very much into soap creating, pampering, feet massages etc so it's perfect for her... and me to share ;) x


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