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07 September 2012

Graze Review

If you're sat at home or work and after something to nibble on, it's quite likely you will find yourself scoffing cake or working your way through the biscuit barrell, which isn't ideal for your waistline!

Graze offer a wide selection of tasty and healthy snacks that can be delivered on days of your choice to a location you pick - such a fantastic idea!

The box that we received to review contained a delicious selction of food. Slimline, it fits through letterboxes with ease and the packaging is 100% recyclable. Inside were four selaed pots, each well labelled, with a variety of products to taste within. We received Savoury Roasted Seeds, Toffee Apple, Bakewell Tart and The Herb Garden plus a little nutritional guide explaining the ingredients and calorie content.

You can personalise your package on the website to avoid being sent food you aren't keen on or to select more of what you prefer. There is the Nibblebox which contains the tastiest of treats and also a Nutritionbox which contains the healthiest of snacks. They really have thought of everything... there is even a napkin included to mop up mess and crumbs with your delivery!

The Herb Garden

The Toffee Apple pot was definitely my favourite! Juicy pieces of Granny Smith Apple with a helping of thick toffee sauce to dunk them into. Despite tasting a little naughty it was only 68 calories! The Herb Garden was also very tasty and a close second. It contained crispy peanuts, baked herb bites and no-rice crackers. The Mr managed to sneak the other two pots into his bag for work and to help resist the urge to fill his face with cream cakes and chocolate. He said that they were yummy.

How it works....

Your first box is half price so if you are a bit skeptical about trying them it will only cost you £1.84 which is great value. The following two boxes would be £3.39 each and after that just £3.89 - which includes delivery costs.

To set up your delivery or to find out more head over to Graze or click below.

*We received a box to from Graze free of charge to review. The views are our own*


  1. I used to get these but gave them up when I started Slimming World. May have to research what ones are good on the plan & sign back up!!!

  2. Thanks for the review, they look and sound really yummy. Would be perfect for me at the moment, with me being on a diet.

    1. I think they are definitely worth a go, especially only being £1.84 for the first box. They have a great variety of products too: Good luck with the diet :) x


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