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03 September 2012

Meal Planning Monday

I really enjoyed a few days away camping last week and some delicious food. Friday we had a BBQ consisting of tandoori shish kebabs and burgers with some fresh salad from Morrison's deli counter - yum! Upon returning home Saturday we headed to one of our favourite Italian restaurants Papa Cino's with my parents for a great meal too. I had my usual stromboli and carbonara but skipped dessert as I was stuffed!

For the next two weeks I won't be eating the same as the Mr and the Mini Mes. I'm reviewing a meal replacement plan from today and hoping to lose some weight! I'm hoping it gives me a boost and a kick start into eating better. I snack way too much! However the family must still eat normally and here is what's on the agenda for them....

Monday - Fajitas
Tuesday - Lasagne
Wednesday - Pizza, salad and garlic bread 
Thursday - Fish, wedges and veg
Friday - Toad in the hole with veg

We don't currently have plans for the weekend as yet so there will probably be a roast chicken involved and a buffet style dinner, although this may change if we go out (I'll still have my "Paks" to eat).

What is on your menu this week?

You can add your planner or view more for inspiration over with At Home With Mrs M

Have a good week!!



  1. Good luck with the meal replacement - hope it isn't too painful.


  2. Yes, good luck.

  3. Good luck with the meal replacements, it sounds like a hard thing to do.

  4. You are very good making all those delicious meals and not eating them yourself! Hope it goes ok :) x

  5. What kind of meal replacements are they? Good luck with it! The meal plan sounds yummy though, we had fajitas last week for the first time in ages and I'd forgotten how delicious they are!

    1. I'm reviewing Boossh, 4 paks (like powder mix) and a normal meal a day. Day one wasn't too bad actually :) x

  6. good luck, and the rest of the meals look delish

  7. That's a test of willpower menu! Good luck!

  8. I LOVE lasagne but haven't mastered good dairy free version yet (daughter is dairy free) so we haven't had it for ages :-( Great list! Good luck with your own meal plan too!


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