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17 September 2012

Meal Planning Monday

Where did the weekend go?! It seems to fly by at the moment!

The Mr and I both did the food shop together yesterday, he usually gets trolley rage so I leave him to go alone, but it was actually quite a pleasant experience. The aisles weren't too busy for a Sunday. I was good and avoided the chocolate and alcohol - bonus!

This weeks planner ...

Monday - BBQ chicken, potatoes and veg
Tuesday - Enchiladas and salad
Wednesday - Sweet and sour chicken with noodles
Thursday - Lasagne
Friday - Pizza and garlic bread

Saturday I'm leaving free and on Sunday we are off to the Zoo (Woburn Safari Park) so we will be eating out.

What's on your menu this week? 

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  1. I can see about 4 of my favourite meals in there! Hope you had a good week x


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