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14 September 2012

The end of make-believe magic?

Now that the kids are back at school, Autumn is here and the shops are filling up fast with gift ideas it has got me thinking about the C word.  I love this time of year, I always go a little over the top with presents and decorations, which is almost traditional for our family, but I'm wondering how long the magic will last. The Mini Mes are getting older by the minute and becoming quite inquisitive little things questioning pretty much everything. With this brings doubts about the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and of course Santa.

'Is Santa real?' 

This has popped up a few times. I keep wondering when is best to be honest and accept that my babies are growing up. That on Christmas Eve I don't need to leave a special key out for the fat man in red and bite into a carrot like a reindeer (the sherry drinking I'm quite fond of!). When is the right time to tell the truth?

I also worry that telling Minxy, will ruin the magic for little Jamster who is still a firm believer!

How did you deal with this or how will you when the time comes?


  1. My mother NEVER told me, if I asked her now, her answer would still be "of course he is darling". I follow my mum on this and would always keep the magic going, of course I reached an age where I just knew, however some magic always remained because we shared this secret. I will be doing the same with my boys (and do with the teen).

    1. I found out by catching my mum in the attic getting presents down Christmas Eve. Perhaps I should just wait too til they find out themselves. Didn't think about it like that x

  2. I tell my son that as he gets older, and his gifts more technical, Santa can't make that stuff, so leaves it up to mams and dads. He still exists, just for the little ones x

  3. My son is getting to the age where he questions it but with 3 younger children I think I'll continue to keep the secret - and when he does 'just know' I'll threaten him with no santa if he so much as utters a word around the little ones ;) xx


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