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04 September 2012

Yoomoo Frozen Yogurt Review

If you want a low fat, delicious alternative to ice cream Yoomoo is the perfect solution. We were sent some vouchers to purchase a variety of the pots from the Yoomoo retail range and we were all pleasantly surprised!

We selected 3 of the 7 flavours which appealed most to our taste buds and choose Devilmoo, Tropicoolmoo and Strawbmoo to try udderly destroy. The pots are naturally low in fat, made from British milk and are suitable for vegetarians too - you don't need to feel guilty about enjoying them.

Upon opening the rather funky packaging, we were surprised by how attractive the product actually looked. They are very inviting so I had a spoon to hand within seconds!

The Devilmoo, a combination of chocolate and natural 'fro yo', is decorated with chocolate sauce swirls, brownie pieces and little milk chocolate stars. At 151 calories for a 150ml tub it's the ideal size for an individual treat. Similarly, the Tropicoolmoo looks just as delicious with swirls of passion fruit and mango sauce and juicy mango puree pieces on top of the natural frozen yogurt.

We also picked up a 750ml tub in Strawbmoo, which is ideal for families to share. This one combines strawberry and natural flavour frozen yogurt together and was the Mini Mes favourite (Tropicoolmoo was mine!).

All of the frozen yogurts were thick and creamy in texture and full of flavour, which I didn't really expect. They are reasonably priced at £1.79 for 150mls and £3.49 for a 750ml pot (in Tesco), so I would definitely be inclined to buy these again.

Knowing they are lower in calories with natural goodness too is ideal for me especially with attempting to keep an eye on the waistline but wanting to indulge from time to time.

As well as enjoying Yoomoo as a yummy dessert you can enjoy it as an adult milkshake too. Why not give this one a go - yum!

To find out more about Yoomoo you can head over to their website

They also have a photography competition running at the moment which you can read about here


  1. These sound delicious plus they can be eaten guilt free, I will have to give them a try!

    kirstyjfox [at] yahoo [dot] com

  2. It looks and sounds really yummy. Ice cream is my favourite. I am a little confused though; I remember reading, many years ago, that yogurt was one of the few foods you can't freeze. Because of how it's made and the good bacteria in it. If you freeze it those bacteria are killed which then makes it bad for you.Does anyone reading this know?


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