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04 October 2012

Favourite Flower Campaign

Bringing a little of the great outdoors into your home can lift your mood and brighten your rooms. Flowers make the ideal gift for a friend, family member or even as a treat to yourself.

What makes purchasing them even more special and personal is knowing which the recipients favourite are and the new interactive game from Funny How Flowers Do That makes it easy to discover - you can win a bunch in the process too if you guess your friends correctly!

Try out the fun, lighthearted game to discover your favourite flower here:

My favourite flowers are gerberas. I love the long thin petals and the vibrant, bold colours. Although I do like any that are pink or purple too! The Mr will occasionally buy me them after I nag him for some time and it's nice to have the light fragrance of them throughout the house, it makes me feel appreciated for all of the little bits that I do each day. It also makes the housework less of a chore when I have a lovely bouquet on the kitchen windowsill to admire or a bunch in the lounge while I hoover.

I often buy them for friends to cheer them up or to celebrate special occasions like birthdays and the arrival of new babies.

Image from the interactive game of my favourite!

When do you buy flowers? What is your favourite?

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