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23 October 2012

Halloween games

We were lucky enough to win a competition last year to spend a day with Jeff Brazier at Liverpool's Ghoul School (Speke Hall) and a huge sack packed with Halloween gifts and games. But what games will you be playing at your party this year? Here are some of our recommendations!

Pin the smile on the Skeleton.
Similar to pin the tail on the donkey this game involves lots of giggles as the little ones are blindfolded and spun before placing their sticker on the hanging figure.

Pumpkin carving competition
Pick up a few small, cheap pumpkins and some cutters and let the kids decorate them. You can make hats and add glitter to them too!

Take it in turns to pull the string and see what sweet treats you can reveal! Adding packs of raisins and small toys reduces the E number intake!

Apple bobbing
A traditional game that is always a lot of fun even if you get a bit damp in the process. You fill a bowl with water (have a towel handy too) and get the guests to pick an apple out with only their mouth.

Pass the parcel
This classic game can be made perfect for Halloween by having scary sweets between the paper layers and a Halloween toy in the centre as a prize.

Colouring and cake decorating competition
You can find and print off some spooky pictures and get everyone to colour one in or provide some cupcakes and have fun decorating them before scoffing!

Halloween Bingo
A great value game (or free if you print them from online) that will keep everyone entertained from toddlers up. Each player is provided with a board and at random cards are drawn. If you cover all of your board first you win - simple but a great success.

What games do you play at your party?


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